Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why are some people so sensitive?

Why are some people so sensitive?

I am talking about ME! I have always worn my heart on my sleeve. The EX (Satan) used to say my heart was bigger than my brain, because I will put myself out in order to do something for someone else. Making people happy makes me happy.....And when someone is in pain, I feel it too. I would rather hurt myself than ever say anything to make someone else hurt. That is just me..... I know, I am STUPID!
People always ask me why I let Satan hurt me so bad, and still I speak to him, and still I can't seem to see him as the way he is now.....only how he was, how I want him to still be......
The only conclusion I can come to is this.......I was tormented so much as a child.....teased, taunted, laughed at, tortured, shunned, I grew up knowing how that felt, and could never inflict pain on anyone else, I am used to it, why should anyone else have to feel it? This leads me to the conclusion that HE was the first person to ever make me feel good about myself. He worshiped me, he lavished me with gifts, love, and affection.....and I liked it. But the person that took me to the top of the heavens also drug me to the pits of hell. I need to accept it, and realize there is someone else out there that is willing to do the same for me, and I am worthy of that, I deserve it. I am no longer the rejected FAT KID, no longer a catterpilar.....I am a beautiful woman, all grown up, the butterfly that always was.....but has now emerged! I can let go of all the pain from my past, and in turn I can let HIM go! I can not feel like his rejection is the same as that I experienced years ago. This is his loss, he will be the one to suffer, not me, I will be victorious, I will win!!

I made homeade chicken noodle soup for supper....everyone agreed it was great. We had sweet peas and biscuits too.

Here is how I made the "chicken soup" it was too easy.
3 chicken breasts
large can of cream of chicken soup
cans of chicken broth
can of sliced carrots
splash of milk
salt and pepper

I cooked the chicken breasts with the broth in a glass pan for over an hour. The I cooked the egg noodles on top of the stove, drained the water, added the cream of chicken soup, and some of the broth from the chicken and a splash of milk....cut up the chicken with kitchen shears and threw it in, then added the carrots at the very end. Oh yeah, throw in some salt & pepper to taste....there ya go, cheap and easy enough!! I think if I would have had it, I would have added some celery and maybe even some onions?? Who knows, I cook all the time, and try different things.....

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  1. That sounds good. I never knew the joys of sauteeing celery and onion for soup base until I met my husband. OMG, is there a more heavenly smell?


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