Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OMG, OMG, OMG........and WTF?

Well, I was sitting here today minding my own business and guess what?? HE showed up.... When I say HE, I mean the one and only Satan himself (the S.T.B EX HUSBAND). Before I knew what hit me, I saw his mug on the other side of the door. I was caught too off-guard to do anything but stand there with my mouth gaping open in utter disbelief. This is especially eerie because yesterday I made a call to his girlfriend spilling my guts and telling her if they were to be together he needs to leave me alone (not the first call I have made to her, I have even left a note in her house (formally home of myself and children) when I was there while she was in Florida and left him alone). Ok, so I knew this was NO GOOD! Sidenote: New BF would be home within hours, my children were at the sitters and I needed to pick them up. Luckily my sister pulled up minutes later, ended up staying the whole time, and was able to make the appropriate calls to head off the disaster waiting to happen.
Ok, now let's back up to the beginning. After I opened the door, as I stood in awe, Satan handed me a bag, brushed past me, took his boots and coveralls off, and proceeded to sit on the couch. SILENCE filled the air, and you cut have cut the tension with a knife. I wondered WTF he wanted, WTF was he doing here? Ok, thankfully my sister (the one who is a total mess) blows in, takes over the conversation, never shutting up for a second.... She blatantly calls him a drunk, calls his girlfriend a whore, tells him he is a POS (not literally but intentionally), then asks him when he is leaving.....In other words, she made things worse, and me wanting to die, turned into more of a slow and agonizing death!!
Finally after he had received enough abuse, or was tired of listening to her go on and on (the whole time while she had the phone to her ear, talking to 17 different people) he got up and hobbled to the door (recently had a wreck while in a drunken stupor).
I was not prepared for what I was about to hear when I walked him out to his car. He told me he wanted to put my SUV in my mom or dad's name (fine with me) because he was going broke and if they didn't take everything he had, he would have to file bankruptcy. WTF? Then he said that he did all this "crazy stuff" (leaving wife & kids, taking drugs, being an alcoholic) because he has known for a while that this (going broke) was happening, so he wanted people to think that his antics is what caused it.....and not blame me..... Double WTF? That to date is the sorriest excuse for a man abandoning his family that I have ever heard, in my life!
Now, I was buying the bankrupt story for a breif moment (cause he is blowing thru money like it grows on trees, buying stuff, drugging it up, being stupid), but then the best is yet to come. He asks me to call my lawyer (and he will call his) and we can tell them we are done fighting, and want a simple divorce to get it over with, then we can live together. Wait a damn minute, back up the motherfucking truck.....What did you just say to me? So at this point, I wake up out of my trance to finally try and piece everything together.
This SOB is trying to trick me into not getting anything from him in the divorce. He is mad about me ruining it for him and his girlfriend (which he brought that all on himself)....and he told me this big sob story, lured me in by giving me my truck which is freakin' paid for (and is mine anyway, just in his name)----and then the the bastard is going to leave me high and dry. Well you selfish pitiful excuse for a husband and father........I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. (well actually it was 7:42 a.m. thankyouverymuch). I would not be surprised if him and his girlfriend have set up this elaborate scheme to trick me, and lure me into their trap....NOT this time pussycat! (his gf is crazy as f#ck, I mean really!)
I also learned he was waiting for current BF to come home and have a little confrontation, which was averted, thank God!!

PS.......This is the 2nd night he didn't take the kids, and go figure I didn't get my child support! And he says he isn't going to take them again until she is gone... I say Fat Chance she will ever even leave! So I guess my kids are out in the cold again!!


  1. Asshat. Him, not you. And I totally agree with WTF? Really?

  2. Have read some of your recent posts about your ex hubby. I feel sorry for what you are going through, the drama the mixed emotions and trying to keep it together etc.
    From a Guys perspective i can tell you that he fcuked up and he knows he fcuked up. He also knows things will never be the same and that the future as the 2 of you had planned it aint gonna happen.
    I'm sure he does have alot of real feelings for you which he is trying to supress by doing the bullshit hes doing. You have a couple of beautiful kids together and fcuking that whole family situation up has gotta hurt.
    Do what you gotta do mamma gayle. Don't let him get you involved in the drama side of things, thats just a waste of time. Time which you could spend focusing on yourself and your kids


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