Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here we go again!!

I am SO f*cking tired of Satan and LB (lying BITCH) who will not leave me alone!
Really, they are doing every thing they can to set me off, but guess what I am not falling for it. I do not have any more to say (and guess what? that makes them worse and they try even harder!) It started back up yesterday when I got a message from the devil himself saying what a great mother LB is and how my kids just love her and my son goes around the house looking for her (so, who gives a f*ck if he does?). But the fact is, I know my kids are not impressed with her because of the fact when they saw her on Wednesday they wouldn't even look at her when she spoke to them (that's right, they turned their little heads away and got in the vehicle with my BF and didn't give this bitch the time of day), LMAO, and she knows it. Granted, I do not teach my children to disrespect or not like anyone (for their own sake), but they have figured it out on their own... If she paid any attention to them at all on their visit, my daughter (Ms. DRAMA) would be squalling after her to go with her, but she doesn't! And my son loves my BF more than anyone in this world, and has ran to his arms while his so called Daddy was calling for him (which I thought served his old ass right for abandoning him, and letting another man raise him!!! Good for you Bubby!!). Anyway.....LB is not much of a mother....don't know how much I want to get into but....first of all her oldest son was taken away 3 times "failure to thrive" and the fact that she didn't feed him, her daughter is 11 and other son is 5 and she leaves them home alone. We even busted her once and know she did this....cause guess where she was? At the bottom of my driveway calling me obscenities while I was moving out of our "marital home" video taping me with my camera (to document all of MY STUFF that I removed from MY HOUSE)...and the police were sitting at her house with her children and NO MOTHER in sight!! They had to call her EX to come get them. (but of course nothing ever came of it, and she still has them--I swear some people can get away with murder!!)... And on New Year's Eve, she left the 5 year old boy at home with Satan....the whole time Satan was on the phone with me....talking incoherently, and telling the boy to go lay down.... OMG who does that? SHE DOES!! Anyway, I am so sick and tired of them attacking me.....they just do it because every thing I tell them is the truth, so they are forced to attack me with lies, hurt, and evilness (cause they don't have anything else). And they know my children are the only way to get to me. But I am still not going to play into the game.....I will not answer my phone, I had my sister drop them off today, and I let BF listen to my messages so I don't even have to hear his voice! This is the only way!!
Anyway, the other message I got was about my son's a$$!! Yes he has a horrible rash in the crack of his a$$ I agree. But it is not my fault.... When he was at my mom/dad's house the other day they gave him POP...... I do not allow my kids to have Pop, so when they drink it they get a violent rash and are sore for a week. That is why people should listen to me and not give my babies things I tell them not to.....cause I know what will happen.. It is not cute, or funny, or a stab at me when you do, it only hurts them.... I DIGRESS!
So I get this nasty message from him saying... if I was getting too "ornery" to change my son's diaper, that he would just KEEP him, and let him live with him, and he expected an explanation about the kid's a$$ immediately.... OMG, OMG, OMG! I will die before I let that happen. Granted he only said this because he is mad that he didn't get to see me today (my sister dropped them off), and I will not cave and call him and fight with him and her, cause he would never take those two babies on to raise!! So I am trying to be the bigger person here, keep my mouth shut, and move on with my life. But damn he makes it hard. I want to call and give his old, ugly, fat a$$ a good old fashioned cussin' (as my beloved Mamaw would say.....may she R.I.P.), but that only feeds him....he enjoys it, he likes it when he thinks I give a shit what he says or does to me, and he thinks he is a STUD thinking I want him, and I will fight for him. I won't give him the satisfaction any more!
And, the last thing he did was......he got LB to make out my child support check. And? Is that all you can come up with you sick bastard? Ok, Ok, that used to bother me.....Now I couldn't care less if f*cking Daffy Duck wrote it, as long as the bank cashes it for me!!! He told my sister when he handed her the check "tell her good luck getting it cashed," what a f*cking DOUCHE BAG!

I miss my babies....this is the first time they have been with him in about 2 weeks (guess he could finally pencil them in). I hope they are ok, and that they are not afraid or feeling out of place with those strangers. My heart hurts for them, I wish they didn't have to go. It has to be chaos there, and they don't even have a room (Satan gave it to LB's kid), and their toys are in a closet---yep they have to play in the freakin' closet people!!!!

P.S.... My baby girl did the cutest thing yesterday.....she got the "Mommy" doll out of the dollhouse and brought it to me with the little girl baby. She said "make the Mommy hold the baby," so I did.....then she brought them back and make me fix them in the same position 50 times.
P.P.S...My baby boy did the cutest thing yesterday....after they finished their donuts I told them to put the bowls in the sink. Little Bubby (while rubbing my arm) stuck his bottom lip out and said "Mommy, preav get me more food." I thought I would croak!! It was adorable, but kind of sad thinking he was that hungry and was afraid the donuts were all he was getting, LOL!! As if! Those kids eat better than I do (Mothers never get to eat after the babies come!!).

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