Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to me:(

Today is my 31st birthday. Who knew I would be spending it at the bank....

*I want to add a note in here.... I am sorry if I haven't commented much or responded to comments/emails. First off, my computer froze up about 4 days ago (the dish on top of the house froze solid, who knew?) and I have never caught up.

But on top of that, there is more CRAZY ex-husband drama. Seems as if his new wife is taking him us on a little ride.....He is just finding out about all this after he got released from the hospital.
  • She has taken $15,000 out of his bank account (while he was in the hospital)
  • She sold his cattle (well, most of them) and put the money in her separate bank account (while he was in the hospital)
  • She ordered a new modular home, in his name. They called him today to confirm the purchase. They acted as if he was there with her (so she had someone with her who said they were her husband), she did this on November 20th (way before the hospital incident)
  • She went to pick his medication up on Sunday night, told him they wouldn't give it to her, then he found the empty bottle (called the pharmacy and they said she picked it up)...... She has been passed out for the last 2 days..... His son confessed and told him that she split them with him. The medicine was a mild sedative they gave him for his withdrawals... But she has been taking them in handfuls.
You may be wondering how this all affects me.... Well, our divorce was bifurcated (see attached explanation of that word) *Sometimes in divorce trials, divorce and property settlement are separated. Bifurcation can be used to accelerate the end of a bad marriage, and it prevents one spouse from using time as a weapon against the other; by the same token, it results in two trials, and it can take away the incentive to settle economic issues. Moreover, bifurcation is always more expensive than a single trial. (From: divorcerate.org)

This basically means my name is still on all of his CRAP! And, Since he is in the throws of foreclosure and bankruptcy, and my name was on all of his liens, equipment, mortgages, etc. (totalling up to $700,000) the bank will not release me from that debt. Even though we are divorced and he is remarried. The new wife is not responsible for any of that old debt (I am... even though he kept ALL of the property and such, I am still 1/2 in on the debt!!!). If When he has to file bankruptcy, that will wreck my credit even further (even though I had nothing to do with him blowing all of that money over the last 2 years!). I think this is B.S.! They spent all of that money, but it wrecked my credit. There are so many liens on the stuff now, there was nothing left to divide, the bank owns it all. If he had not blown all that money, I should have gotten $100,000 cash for my part (add up the income that came in during our marriage, take off the debt, split what should have been equity/cash value). But I got nothing, my kids got nothing. They drug our divorce out so long, they blew it all.

*Up until today, I had just accepted the fact that I got nothing... I wasn't going to cry anymore over spilled milk. But now, she took the last little bit that was left (the money set aside for living expenses/child support), and sent him further in debt.... sent ME further in debt.... I see that as money taken directly away from my kids. It will take a long time for him to  He will never get caught up enough to pay me anything (child support)...

I tried to tell his dumb a$$ that this woman was not to be trusted... What did he do? He married her. I was wrong about the day they got married too (when her name was on his insurance cards back in June, that was just their way of cheating the insurance company). They have only been married since October the 9th. So in less than 2.5 months she has cleaned him out!!! IMAGINE THAT!

Now I don't have to worry about him being "crazy" and not being able to pay me.... She just stole it all, so he can't pay me now either, even though he is better (about 80% better that is, he still isn't all there).
I am really starting to think that this b*tch did poison him, and was trying to kill him, or at least to get him put away in the hospital so she could finish cleaning him out (remember she bought the modular home back on November 20th before he got crazy). She is also his beneficiary on the NY Life insurance policy for $300,000 (I didn't know this until today, it was supposed to go directly to my kids to raise them, in case anything happened to him).

Am I in a lifetime movie?? It never f*cking stops, NEVER!  


  1. First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    second... yes a super duper lifetime series *hugs* sounds like you been thru it all i dunno when it stops but i've had a similar situation with the hubs ex. she basically gave it to him royally cleaned out savings while he was away in the military with divorce in progress but because her name was all his accounts they couldn't do much... it sucked!
    I hope things look up its the holidays afterall :)

  2. OK, happy freakin' birthday (lol)

    1. He can change the beneficiary on the life insurance and she would NOT be able to change it back... so have him do that.
    2. Get out your own life insurance policy on him.
    3. file bankruptcy NOW. Don't wait for him to do it. YOU do it. You're in a position where you don't really have shit and creditors are looking very favorably on people who are doing it now, during the downswing in the economy. This will release you from 99% of the debts, meaning that whatever other cluster fuck is to come will come at a time when you will be more able to manage it - and you will have less to manage.
    Also, by the time you're done with school, you'll be past the bankruptcy period... Oh, and it only dropped my cousin's credit like 100 points. Crazy.

    TOTALLY sucks to find all this out but that's what I would do to protect my ass and my kids' futures. My name is still on my ex husband's home and to make a long story short, I'm about as fucked as you are with that situation. Fortunately, he doesn't have someone trying to kill him or do crazy stuff... yet.

  3. Good grief! I have no words of wisdom. Hope you can get some free profesional advice. She sounds like a crook! Hugs and Happy Birthday.

  4. Wishing you a Happy Birthday (sorry so late)!! Sure hope you get this mess straightened out soon.


    Girl, you need to write a book, because there's just no way anyone can make this shit up.


    But on the other hand - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. This is even badder than I thought! Let me first say "happy birthday Mama Gayle--sincerely hope that the next year will be better than the last (the last few days anyway)"!!!! This is just so wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong!! I hate that woman. I hate her for what she's doing to you.

    I wish things weren't so bad. Like Gundiva said, you could actually write a novel about this mess. It's a story straight out of a film or something.

    Hold on tight, we're all behind you, Mama Gayle.

  7. I am sorry I am late at wishing you a Happy Birthday!
    Ugg is all I can say to the rest! UGGGGGG


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