Monday, January 11, 2010

Same Crap, different day....

Ok, I won't bore you with a long post about Satan, but I will scratch the surface.... Him and LB called the babysitter today to also tell her what a bad mother I am and about the diaper rash I wrote about yesterday... She (babysitter or BS) said "I just agreed with them." Really? Did you just have to agree with them? When you know they are both pieces of shit and they do whatever they can to drag me through the mud, really? BITCH! Sorry, I am so fed up with his antics and non-stop harassment I receive if I don't conform to his society and do as he says. (which means roll over and lick his ass on command!!). He is SO mad because I will not stoop to his level and respond to his messages, (so now he starts with the calls to other people--which is predictable), and I will not fight with him or even look at him (since he thinks he is a STUD, my not wanting to look at him will be a crushing blow to his ego)!
Now on another note.....I finally went to the grocery store. We were out of everything! I needed to go a week ago, but I had to wait on the food-stamps to come in! Yep I said it, I GET FOOD STAMPS!! For those of you that may not know what they are... it is a government assistant program that allows you to buy food for yourself and your children. Believe me, I get shamed enough at the stores when I pull out my card.... People stare, make faces, comments, judgements, and sigh real loud when they are behind me in line!! And if you think it can never happen to you.....don't be so sure. Last year I lived in a $450,000 home, had 180 acres of land at our place, and a second home with 120 acres of land a mile down the road... Along with close to $1,000,000 worth of total assets, and money to burn! I had it all at my disposal.... Until the husband threw us out, and kept it all for himself! The divorce is still "pending" so no one really cares whether or not my kids are fed, except me. And since the old man (Satan) is a farmer, he can make up whatever income he wants to for tax purposes, and screw me out of getting a dime! And of course he has the money to pay the lawyers to keep it ALL! Funny how the law works in favor of the rich, and could care less about the poor, huh? My argument.....if you say you make $23,000 a year, how can you afford such luxuries? I didn't realize that farmers can deduct almost everything you can not have to pay the IRS......which in turn makes for a "messy" and unfair divorce. Satan has hid so much of his money in his son's name, father's name, and everyone else, that he looks like he is living on poverty level. I DIGRESS! I was talking about groceries, LOL.
So my cabinets are full now. I hate going to the damn store... People are so rude, they damn near knock you down to get around of ahead of you, step in front of you to snatch things, and park their cart in front of whatever you are looking at..... and of course, no one ever says I am sorry, pardon me, excuse me, or even "my bad"! So, that makes me limit my trips to the store to once a month. I get everything we will need and get the f*ck out of there! We usually do really good, until the last week, then we run pretty low (but still have some things in the cabinet to eat if we have to). The main things we miss are the snacks, chips, and drinks.....But we always seem to make it until "pay day," LOL. And you know, it is pretty hard living a whole month feeding 3 people (not counting BF when he is here) with $284. which is supposed to last 30/31 days. But we eat cheap, and stretch it out all we can. And I don't give my kids bad food either (except on occassion), I make meals almost every night, and we have homeade soup, and chili, and spaghetti, and baked chicken....all the good stuff. I refuse to allow my kids to drink soda, or anything with sugar or caffeine, they only drink sugar free juice or water (that is an entire different post though, LOL), oh yeah, I don't buy them candy either (although Nana makes sure she sneaks it in every chance she gets!).
I have applied to a few jobs.... I pray that someone will hire me soon. I hate being at the mercy of Satan. I wish I had never quit the great job I had just because HE told me too! I knew better, but I wanted to save my marriage, obviously he didn't! And he planned all along to leave us with nothing... or take my options away so I couldn't leave. I showed him! Or did he show me? I am the one raising the kids on welfare, and doing without the "wants" and sometimes even the "needs" and living with the "have to haves," while he is living in the fancy house with his gf and her 2 kids, and eating out, wasting money on drugs & booze, and wearing new clothes every time I see him/her/her kids!! WHATEVER, he can ROT IN HELL!!


  1. Been there and done that and oh God does it suck. I'm so sorry. May his dick shrivel up and fall off.

  2. Hey girl, first off I m so glad you stopped by my blog and entered the contest to win that laptop. Hope ou do!
    Second, karma will get that Satan in the end.
    Sounds like you are doing a great Mommy job and I wish you strength!

    Your newest follower and fan:)

  3. I am so sorry for everything you are going through. I am going through very similiar stuff and all I have learned is that the "best person" does NOT always win. It is the best liar and manipulator with the biggest bank account. I hope you get through it in one piece and in the end, there is some justice.
    Thanks for letting me drop by. It is nice to see I am not alone.


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