Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have you ever been to a murder trial?

I have... My Ex's niece was killed in the county park... She was 18 and had her whole life ahead of her.... She went to the park to meet up with her on again, off again boyfriend.... She wanted to show him pictures of the baby she was carrying, his baby.... She was 5 months pregnant. And as she sat there with her legged crossed and the pictures scattered across her lap and the motor of her car still humming, when her father and brother found her DEAD! Turns out they got worried when she hadn't come home when she was supposed to, and she wouldn't answer her cell phone which was unusual for her. She had told her Mom her plans, which led them directly to her..... Isn't that a lucky, yet weird coincidence?


Turns out her and her boyfriend were in some kind of "love triangle." He was dating her and another girl, and the other girl was jealous, especially now knowing that she was pregnant with his baby. In my mind, I picture the new girlfriend guilting the boyfriend into knocking off the "baby mama" in some sort of "prove that you love me" type of move......

The story posed in the trial was this.... The bf, his new gf, and her brother drove to the park in the brothers truck (I guess it was less recognizable).... The bf got out around the corner and casually walked up to the window and put 5 bullets in his "baby mama," I am thinking it was in her neck and abdomen.... It is pretty easy for me to believe it was him because of the girl's relaxed posture... they way she was so casually sitting with her legs crossed and her window down, pictures in her lap.... Anyone that had been alarmed by an enemy or a stranger would have had a defensive reaction and jumped up straight...... Also, there were videos of this guy all over town.... He made it a point to go everywhere in town that he knew had a camera!! First he stopped at an ATM (stupid move buddy, since you had already gone to this same ATM earlier to get money out, why would you need more?), then he was seen at Wal-Mart, and I swear he was MUGGING at the camera. In the video you can see him actually turn his face and body and point himself directly in plain view of the camera's angle (turns out he had a friend that worked their that knew exactly where he should stand). There were witnesses that saw him running out of the park... and witnesses that had seen the vehicle waiting on him.

He got convicted for murder, and the girl's parents fought for a new law that made it possible to try a person for a DOUBLE murder if the woman is pregnant at the time, so they will be held accountable for the death of a baby. His GF also got convicted for being an accomplice (she now says she wishes she never met him.....well hello, you went with him to do it, it is your own fault!!! STUPID). And finally his GF's brother was also charged since he had provided the murder weapon (gun).
A few years ago, his conviction was overturned because a witness (another prisoner he had confessed to) was deemed unreliable, or persuaded to testify against him.... this guy said that the BF told him he was kinda sorry he had to kill his own baby, but it just happened that way......
He was convicted again, lucky for him, I think the girl's father may have killed him, if ever he had run into him on the street, seriously.

It is horrible to sit through a trial like that.... They show pictures of the victim after they have been brutally murdered, it is hard to see..... she had burns on her legs where the heater was running in her car all those hours, and then there was pictures of the tinest baby you would ever see (fully developed, but way to young to survive, he (the baby) must have slowly died as his mother did (no bullets hit him)..... There is so much anguish from the family, I could hear them GASP and MOAN when a picture would flash on the screen, it was just HORRIBLE.... That was there baby, no matter how old she was, they probably still saw her as their baby (she was the youngest too). Gosh, I can't even imagine how I would feel if something ever happened to one of my kids, I may throw myself in the hole with them.....

My Ex had to testify, although I missed it, I bet he looked like a big dumb ass anyway (he was good at that)!

What is the most horrible crime you have ever been witness to, or been directly involved in?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Food in your Face.....

Ok, since I am extremely HUNGRY, and I can't decide what I want to eat, I thought I would share a recipe.... It is a time old tradition in my family and my Dad begs me to make him this on his birthday and at least one other time during the year......



3c Jiffy Mix (blue and white box)
1c milk (you may need a little more, it is hard to judge)
1.5c sugar
2 sticks butter
3 eggs
1t. vanilla
1 jar of creamy peanut butter
1 can of Chocolate Fudge Icing

Preheat Oven to 350, grease and flour a 9x13 inch pan
Mix together all ingredients (EXCEPT milk and peanut butter). Alternate adding milk and peanut butter (it gets hard to stir if you add all the pb at once, LOL). I use a hand mixer to make it real smoothe.

Pour mix into your prepared pan...
Cook at 350 for up to 1 hour (this cake is very tricky, so make sure you check it to see if it is really done).
Let Cool, cover it with CHOCOLATE FUDGE ICING!!!


P.S. We joke about this being a 5 pound cake.... It is heavy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just me and my babies......

Today after my morning class I took the little people to the creek.
It was no more than ankle deep (maybe knee deep to them in spots).
We walked around, and chatted with another mother who was there with 6 or 7 kids with her (all under 4). They weren't all hers though, I guess she is a glutton for punishment and "wanted" to spend the day with a bunch of toddlers, ROFL.... (funny thing, I didn't hear a CRY from any of those kids, and when she told them to do something, you know what? they did it!)
Some days I wish I could be more like that mother and actually love doing things with my kids all the time..... but I am who I am..... I can work on it, but this is just me...... and we have our "moments," even if hey are sparse......

Anycreek..... While we were there, my little Miss Priss LOVED it. She splashed around, asked 1000 questions, sat down in the water, wanted to play with the other little kids, etc.
Mr. Bubby HATED it. He whined that he wanted to go back to the car, he didn't like the "watah," and because he heard a clap of thunder, he then said, "I don't rike the stormin." I swear he wimpered and moaned and tugged on me..... But I just kept going, trying to encourage him to come out of his little bubble and do something new, and actually like it. He finally lightened up when the other mother came up to us and showed him how to throw rocks (who'd have ever thought? not me that is for sure, I am too uptight). He took up with her and her kids (even SHARED rocks with another child and LIKED it) and didn't complain anymore.

After about an hour it did start lightening/raining and we had to go..........The rain suddenly started pouring before we could get back to the car......My kids, instead of running to the car, wanted to stop and cry about it raining, ROFLMAO (it was kind of cute though). We finally made it and they dove head first into the back seat........ It was so cute looking back at their little animated faces as they soaked in the rain, and the "adventure" we just had. PRICELESS! At that point I wished I had pics but couldn't take any because I had 2 little hands to hold. The.whole.time.

The drive home was uneventful and Miss Priss fell asleep for like 2 minutes (only to wake straight up when we pulled in the driveway, lol)...... But they must have enjoyed the fresh air because they went to bed tonight very easy... no whining or crying or begging to stay up longer, they just layed down (after hugs and kisses) and went off to sleep.


Monday, July 26, 2010

The ink is not even dry

My Ex husband is MARRIED. Yep, I said it, MARRIED. As of today it has been 1 month since our divorce was final..... and he has been married for at least a week that I know of...... I am guessing a lot longer....... I wouldn't put it past him to have done it before our divorce was even final......

I found out by accident last Sunday (a week ago) while dropping the kids off. He was giving me an insurance card to put in my vehicle (that was still in his name at the time), and it said Satan and Whore Underworld on the card. When I lost my sh*t and asked him WHY it said that..... He got a wicked grin on his face...... Then he started back-peddling and denying it. He said that the insurance company made a mistake, and for me to "go ahead and call them" and they would tell me. Only he knew damn good and well that I would never call anyone. And he just could NOT tell me the truth. I asked him at one point, "Satan, why do you have to lie? Just tell me the truth for once in your life." Again I was met with denial, and the other tactics he uses when he is backed in a corner..... He changed the subject. Then he harped on his chosen subject for 30 minutes. I finally just drove away. I got so tired of listening to his incoherent ramblings and LIES.

I can not say that I wasn't, and I am still, not hurt.... It burns like a M*ther F*cker!  I have cried a little too..... and I can't understand WTF is wrong with me.... why I would care so little about myself that I let what this creep do to me be acceptable?? And how I still don't hate his guts, and it still hurts!

Anyway, on another note, I went to get my vehicle out of his name Friday.... The lady doing the transfer is married to a "buddy" of his (a new buddy that is, one I never met), and she has been to dinner with Satan and the Whore (comfortable situation for me, eh?). She basically did the whole transfer illegally, but I thank God that she did, or my SUV would probably be repossessed with everything else he owns. But that is what people do for him, they give him everything he wants, when he wants it. You wouldn't believe the show he was putting on for the 3 ladies working in there, it was sickening! And because he was jacked up on pills, he didn't realize how stupid or ridiculous he sounded.... but I made sure to point it out to him (several times).... and I told him that HATE wasn't a strong enough word for the way I feel towards him...... after I overheard him ask the lady if they needed a passport to go to JAMAICA!!! and the boy/driver (also on something which made him sound equally like a druggie) that was with him was talking about the new horse he just bought!! I made sure to announce in front of everyone within earshot that he was almost 3 months and $3100 behind on his child support but he could afford to go to Jamaica and buy a horse...

His reply, "Well, I was going to pay you before we went to Jamaica, and I am making payments on the horse."


Friday, July 16, 2010

What to say???

Well I am not sure I even know what to say on here anymore.... It has been damn near a month since I last posted.... . Most of the times that I could post I don't, because people seem to hate it when anyone blogs about bad or negative things.... But really I have nothing good to say anymore..... I thought when I started this blog that it would be a place where I could express myself and talk about the "real life" situations......

ANYWAY.... some bullet points!!
  • The ex finally paid me $200. last Tueday (he owes me $3100)
  • I am betting I will NEVER get it, EVER
  • My landlord is on my back because I owe her  (I don't blame her one bit though)
  • she said for me to just "try" and do the best I could, when I got some money to let her know
  • I came up with $400. the other day and I called her (I figured she would be excited), she asked me if I knew when I would be able to start paying "on time" again.
  • She insults me, and calls people she knows (that know my family), and tells them I am not paying my rent, and that humiliates me!!
  • she will tell me one thing, then turn around and say something totally different (look lady, you either understand what is going on or not....let me know so I can plan my response)
  • I applied for housing assistance---was DENIED....for child-care assitance (while I go to school)---DENIED
  • I applied for money from the school..... I STILL have not gotten it! It has been almost 2 months now?
  • My cable and electric have been shut off (twice), I had to borrow money from my dad to get it turned back on
  • My dad paid my internet bill
  • I am still driving my Dad's car, since I can't afford mine
  • The alternator in Dad's car went out...add $140. to fix that
  • I am divorced, finally
  • the judge that ordered us to take a drug test, DIDN'T HAVE THE RESULTS when we appeared in court last time. I PASSED, he FAILED.... They gave him joint custody.
  • instead of getting a "property settlement" from my ex-husband, I got stuck with about $7,000 in debt that was accrued in my name (that he failed to pay, when I wasn't working and we were married) and $10,000 in lawyer fees (so they could stand there and let his lawyer brutally attack my character and say NOTHING)
  • He kept all of the property; farms, 2 houses, tractors, vehicles, equipment, livestock, etc.... which, if added up, would equal over a MILLION dollars
  • I retained my personal vehicle (04 model), it will cost me a fortune to transfer it (since I have never had my own insurance, and you have to have it before the transfer, and if I put it in my Dad's name and his insurance it will cost a fortune for the actual transfer!!!)
  • So I guess he can keep it too
  • My "best friend" that I reconnected with, who is also his daughter, has told him everything I have said to her. And she posts pictures on facebook of my kids at his house (our old home) swimming in his pool and living the good life. She doesn't understand why that would upset me?? Or maybe she does!!
  • He can buy a new pool, but he can't pay his support?
  • I stayed with his wife for 5 nights in a row, no one else would... so that meant my kids, my home, and my needs didn't matter... I had to have someone babysit my kids....
  • I tried to get someone else to "help" me, they wouldn't
  • I finally just had to leave her.... (but she does have 6 kids of her own, so she called one of them)
  • I really can not think of ONE "friend" that has offered to help me through and of this......
  • I think I am depressed
  • I wonder why???????