Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well I have heard the idea of "throat punch thursday" thrown around. And this is the perfect Thursday for me to give it a go!! (if nothing else, scroll down for the picture--worth it, I promise!!)

Tomorrow--Friday, I will finally be divorced. The divorce was filed in December of 2008. I have no idea why or how in the world it takes so damn long to say "I don't" when it took all of 5 seconds to say "I do."

At the beginning of the week I was optimistic, even thought I hand one-upped him.....and I was finally going ot kick him where it counts. I may have been way off.

Turns out this Mother Effer is in foreclosure at the bank (so he/his lawyer says), and that means I can not squeeze one dime out of his old, ornery, stinky, filthy, ugly, cheating, lying, backstabbing, worthless ASS!
I will more than likely not get any type of maintenance after tomorrow, and my child support will GO DOWN.

I swear to God I think this is a "tactic" he has cooked up with his lawyer, and as soon as I sign the papers, he will get straight with the bank, and all will be hunky-dory, and he will resume life as normal. And all of his assets will be fine.... and he will keep everything. BUT, there is no way for me to prove this, and no way for me to give a lawyer more money to fight it. So basically, unless God has one more little miracle for me, I am screwed. I continue to have faith though, and hope for the best!! It is in God's hands, and I will get what I am supposed to get....nothing more....nothing less......that is all I can believe right now, if not I would just DIE because it would hurt so bad....knowing he doesn't even care that he is leaving us destitute!

As much as we live "hand to mouth" imagine what it will be like when I get less than $500. a month (from someone that makes over $250,000 a year)!! I am just beside myself and don't know what I am going to do! And I stay upset and worried with a big knot in my stomach.... wondering how we will survive.

Turns out, the person with the more money to pay their lawyer, gets more in the divorce, and can even get out of taking care of their own children, and can pick and chose which days they care to visit them as well. As of right now, he gets them on Sunday and Tuesday nights which means I can not go out on a Friday or Saturday night to do any grown up things, like normal people (including him) can do, I don't mean every weekend either, but shouldn't he have a weekend a month?.... But, I am hoping after court he will not be able to take them at all, until he gets his life straightened out... I am all about them seeing their Daddy, but not at the risk of him hurting one of them, while driving while intoxicated, or not being in his right mind to take care of them while he has them.

And remember me saying the post before last about the arrests and the charges he has pending against him? Turns out they are using that to their benefit.... he is going to admit to the court that he is a drunken addict loser, and therefore can not work and pay me any money. Doesn't that just figure?

I swear I may just kick his old ass myself!! I really might kick him in his bad knee, then jump on top of him when he drops and pummell his face in with my fists, then guage his eyes out, twist off his nose, stomp on his bad toes, drop an elbow on him, pull his hair out from the roots, knock what remaining teeth he has out of his face, and make sure that he can never reproduce, or even use that "equipment" again!


The very LEAST I can hope for is that the judge grants me sole-custody....then my precious, precious babies will not have to be exposed to such a sorry excuse for a man! You can bet he will never sit through a supervised visit, therefore, he will never see those babies again.... And with his lifestyle, he shouldn't!!


  1. WOW. One of your concerns is that he will not have the kids on Fridays or Saturady so you can't go out? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? In one sentence you say your kids should not even be around him, but in another you bitch because you will never have another weekend free to go out and do what you want. I feel SORRY for your kids.

  2. Oh lord. I am totally going to have to get me a snack, and sit down to read all of this. I have no advice, because I know how people get sucker punched and screwed by judges and exes all the time, and there's very little you can do except scream and shake your fist.

    As little consolation as it is to you now, your children will be all yours emotionally because of what their father is doing to you all now. While you live modestly and he parties it up with his $250k a year, they'll see it all, and it WILL register and have an effect on their relationships with him as adults, and their is no better revenge than watching him screw himself.

    I don't know yet what state you are in, but here, one parent has to be the custodial parent, and that's usually the one with the most time. If he only wants them two evenings a week for a few hours, it's doubtful he will get to be the custodial parent, or that he would even WANT to be.

  3. Oh and ps, ignore anonymous up there. EVERY parent deserves to have some time off from their kids, and yes, even on the weekends. That does NOT make you a bad parent just because you said it out loud.

  4. All I know is that "throat punch Thursday" is the best idea to come along in ages.

  5. Thanks aunt juicebox!!!! Love ya!

    And I agree with Mrsblogalot...Throat punch Thursday is the best (first time I have done it).

    Now to this anonymous commenter. First of all, if you really want to spew nasty comments you should do it with your name attached. CHICKEN SHIT!
    Secondly....I have had my children EVERY weeked of their lives since the day they were born! That is what parents do! I was stating a fact about how WRONG it is that one parent can be a loser and pick and chose when and if they want to see their own children.....and THEY can go party on the weekends, go on vacation, or simply be in a drunken stupor while not giving a second thought to their children. Every parent deserves to go out on the weekend (notice I didn't say I was going to paint the town, but yes I would love to enjoy a night with out my kids, on a weekend)... If you would pull your head out of your ASS you would realize that my point was, when or IF he had them (which may be NEVER after the custody hearing), he should NOT be allowed to pick the days that suit his lifestyle!! I am always there for them, why doesn't he have to be?
    And finally get off my back. Don't feel sorry for my kids (they don't need sympathy from someone who would say such things about their mother) I have single-handedly raised my kids for this long....and I do a DAMN GOOD JOB!

    P.S. Looking into tracing your comment back to you.......See ya soon:)

  6. I like your spunk!

    You deserve time to yourself - all parents do. You're not a bad parent because you wrote what we all feel.

  7. First, I want to thank you for commenting on my blog.

    Second, I get where you are and understand you, having been there myself, and 6 years post divorce, still dealing with an asshat. Keep the faith and DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT!

    Third, Congrats on getting rid of the douche bag.

    Fourth, ignore Anonymous, what a bitch!

  8. I agree with Aunt Juicebox - every parent needs time for themselves and I would venture a guess that 'anonymous' is NOT a parent otherwise they wouldn't have totally missed the point you were making.


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