Saturday, August 21, 2010

Super Easy Sausage Balls

Taking a break from the madness which is my life, LOL! I will leave you with a simple recipe that I have been using for over 10 years. People seem to really love these things, I always make them for the holidays.

Super Easy Sausage Balls

1 roll of sausage (sage flavored)
1 pack of shredded sharp cheddar cheese (2 cups)
1 box Stove Top stuffing, or the off brand (herb or sage flavored or even chicken, lol)

Mix all the stuff together by hand, roll into balls, put on cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.

P.S. We are moving soon. I started looking for places the last few days (mostly dumps so far). I am giving the Boxer away on Sunday. There is no way we can find a rental property that will accept a 60+ pound dog. It will break my heart, but it is for the best, and I found her an excellent home with a true "dog lover" that will spoil the dog more than I ever would have:)
We are thinking about sharing a big house with my Mom and Dad (they already live across the street anyway) that way we can split the bills and all save money. Also they help a lot with the kids (when they aren't turning them into devils). My only requirement though is I have my own space like in a finished basement or upstairs (with my own bathroom, well, for my own family, not just me). With us splitting the bills we can actually afford something way better than I could get on my own anyway, so I am kind of excited about the possiblities (and saving money!!), and kind of dreading sharing at the very least a kitchen/laundry area with my Dad!!! He is a NEAT FREAK. He will wash clothes as soon as they take them off (the same night) and he has to have dishes washed as you use them. YIKES!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Evicted and being stalked by the landlord!

I am in a funk, we got evicted from our house. We finally got current on our rent, now this?? The reason? Your guess is as good as mine, but I can tell you what has transpired in the last week......

Last WINTER, our roof started leaking, therefore it caused a "bubble" in the ceiling. Eventually there came a BIG GAPING HOLE! Our landlady had the roof leak fixed, but never addressed the hole at the time. She did call my cousin (he is a drywall finisher/contractor) and he gave her 2 estimates for his labor charges, $100 to patch the hole, $300+ to redo the ceiling. She told him to just patch it, but she never called him back to do it. So we went all winter with "the hole" and cold air pouring out. (we just moved the babies to another room, because the hole was right over their cribs, if they were in bed when it fell it would have hit them, closed that door to their now play room and put a towel against the door). Believe me, it sucked!

Fast forward to last week. It was almost 100 degrees outside for weeks and hot air was POURING into that room, my a/c ran nonstop for days and the whole house was sweltering (and it was at least 30 degrees hotter in there). After trying to patch it ourselves with duct tape and cardboard we had to cave in and ask her to fix it, AGAIN (the tape/cardboard kept melting and falling down). When we called her she told us to tell him to go ahead and fix it. So we did. Then she called him herself and told him to call her when he was done and she would come look at it and pay him. Done.

He made 3 trips to fix it, put on a 2nd and 3rd coat of "mud" and on the last day we called her. She asked what he did, (um he patched it) then she asked how much (um $100. just like he told you months ago, and we told you before he started). Then she went ape-shit (on the bf who called her, who is soft-spoken and would never argue with a woman)! She basically cussed him out, said that people must think she is a "damn fool, a patch job isn't worth that kind of money" (um, now you way it?) and she went on and on with her choice words. Then she said she was going call my cousin and discuss it with him (ok, that is who you should be talking to anyway). So she calls him and goes through it with him, he tells he that she AGREED to it before he did it. She again tells him she will pay him after she looks at it.

The next day she comes to look at it. She goes off again, and she was going off on what a horrible job it was (but she was complaining before she even saw it, so I don't think anything would have suited her). That was her mistake, because I was face to face with her, and I will not tolerate abuse from anyone (w/o getting my 2 cents in, LOL). I try to explain to her that she worked this out with him months ago, and he did what she told him too. I also said that we HAD to have it fixed because the hot air was pouring in (she called me a LIAR). She said that heat rises and there was no way hot air was coming in. WTF? If there is a big gaping hole in the ceiling air isn't going to come in?? I felt the air, my bf did, my Dad did, my cousin did, we ALL did. Ok, anyway, after that I was PISSED. How dare she say that. So then I said that I could make a list of everything wrong with the place if she wanted me to, because we have NEVER had her fix anything before, but this time we HAD to. She said "you do that!" Then asked me if I was going to pay him for his work. I said no YOU are. Blah, Blah, Blah, we went round and round. Then she kept calling my cousin by his last name saying, "Well I am going to go pay Mr. LastName, he'll get his money don't you worry, Mr. Last name will get paid" over and over. Then she told her husband to, "come on let's go, I'm ready to get out of here, I said let's go!"

The next morning the bf answers the door. It was her. She asked him if we had made our list yet (the one listing everything wrong with the place), he told her not yet. Then she hands him an envelope and says, "well here is one for you." It was an eviction notice. She is evicting us because we asked her to fix a hole so our electric bill wouldn't be sky high. She doesn't remember when the bf did work for her FOR FREE, cleaned out gutters, hung screen doors, moved stuff for her, etc.. She wants the tenant to pay for work done to her house!!!

She never paid the cousin either. So he calls her. Then she cusses him out too, but tells him if he wants $ to come right now. So him and the bf go to her house (bf had to show him where she lived). Then when they get there she proceeds to cuss them both. Tells cousin that he is ROBBING her, etc. Tells the bf, "you better keep your ass in the car, you were there and LET him do it." Then she started calling me a LIAR again saying there is NO WAY hot air was blowing in. (I felt sorry for bf, he didn't say a word to her, he would never disrespect his elders, or a woman.... I wish he would have!). She even wrote on the check she gave him, "Unsatisfactory job, unprofessional, not worth the $." and said she was calling the BBB tomorrow to report him (for a job she agreed to pay him on and agreed with the price???).

Later that same night, she comes over here. Drives to the end of the road, turns around, parks her car facing our house and turns her headlights off! She sat there for an hour. I have no idea what she was doing. My cousin came over. Then my Dad walked down from his house across the street. She finally left... Driving real slow, just staring at all of us. Dad thought she was going to try to do something to us (she really seemed that crazy)!! I have never seen anything like this, or heard of it either for that matter. She has lost her damn mind. Now we have to move. Mom and Dad have to move too because they rent from her too (she didn't evict them, but how can they stay after all she has done to us?).

P.S. Dad had her look at his a/c the other day because it wasn't working. The man came to fix it, charged her $95. she was MAD at him, saying he was her friend and shouldn't charge her that much. What does she expect a professional to charge? She can't get stuff for free!

Doesn't a landlord have to have just cause to evict us? I mean like us owing her money (which we don't, because we caught it up when Satan paid part of his rearages), or destruction of property, or being loud, or anything besides us trying to fix this place!!!!!!

Oh well, we are looking for a new place. Hopefully we will find one soon before she kills us!! SLUM LORD!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow............

I have a dog, well actually 2 dogs, but let's talk about Dixie, the Boxer dog. She is 16 months old (basically a toddler). Here is a picture of her silly face when she was a wee baby girl.....
Now let's talk about how this dog aggrevates the crap out of me.... She is a big almost 80 pound beast that jumps on the babies and everyone else for that matter, chews the outside cable cords into pieces, can jump over the back of the couch (clears it) when I am trying to catch her, and she is SO HYPER!!!
Let's take a look at her now......
I had made up my mind to give her away... I had a family picked out and was on my way to take her to her new home. I had her in the truck already. There was a knot in my stomach and I knew I would miss her, but it would be ok. But then this happened..........
That's right, I busted the back window out of my truck, while I was on my way to take the dog to her new home. Wanna know how it happened? Said dog's "trolley" cable, wrapped around the piece of my truck that holds the window in and jerked the whole window out, shattering it into a million pieces in the process. So I took that as a SIGN that the dog needed to just stay with us for now. Weird I KNOW (how ironic though-the dog's cable broke my window when I was on my way to get rid of the DOG). Now if these 2 things don't stress a girl out enough... Take a look at this.....
My baby boy burned the F*CK out of his arm! I thought I would cry with him, I knew it hurt THAT bad! While I was in the bathroom, and BF had stepped 5 feet into the living room to get said DOG off of baby girl (dog was jumping on her knocking her down, she was screaming). Mr Bubby grabbed a piping hot skillet out of the sink (BF had just fried hamburgers) and the grease ran down his arm, scalding his skin, he dropped the pan immediately but the damage was already done. He started screaming, "The blood curdling, something is majorly wrong here scream," you know the one that makes your heart stop and fall out in the floor. I KNEW by that scream that he was hurt, and hurt bad. I ran in there, he started screaming, "Help it Mommie, Help it, it burns, it hurts, put a bandaid on it, help it, it burns!" The first thing I did is put butter on it (I know now that was probably not the best idea, but at that point I wanted to help him), then I took him to the sink ran cold water over it, put aloe on it, then sprayed it with Lanocaine (burn spray). He is FINE now, if it wasn't for the red mark on his arm, you would never know it happened. When these pics were taken he said it didn't hurt anymore and he went to bed just fine. Maybe one day, Somewhere over the rainbow.....

Things will get easier..... MAYBE?