Monday, June 18, 2012

Been a long time....

Just wanted to update anyone out there that still follows me, lol... It has been  a long year, there have been bitter battles and tragedies.... but lots of good things have happened to us too....

  • I let go of the guy I had been with for 3 years, back in December... He was a good guy, he just wasn't for me... I didn't feel like it was fair to either of us to keep going when it wasn't leading anywhere. It was hard to give up the "security" he offered to me and the kids (and the fact he loved me with all his heart), but I decided I wanted to be happy, not "content" for the rest of my life... And in order to be happy, I had to learn to stand on my own 2 feet for a while...
  • The same "good guy" I metioned above swore he wanted to be in my kids life forever (since he knew them from 1 and 2 years old)... He was picking them up or stopping to see them a couple of times a week, then one day every other weekend, then nothing at all.  Needless to say, he has a new girlfriend and has moved along... Leaving the kids to wonder why he doesn't see them anymore.
  • My stepson, whom I met when he was 13, and was my first ever experience with parenting, died in April. He overdosed on drugs.. He was walking the same path his father did before him. That hurt a lot... even though we had our differences, he was still like a son to me:( We burried him beside his Dad... (remember, he got killed last year).     
  • I battled my ex's bank and his estate until a month ago... They finally settled with me for $125,000. They had to buy me out of the property since he and I had never settled it. Thank you GOD!! Now I'm gonna buy me and my kids a house!!!
  • The "new wife" who wrecked my life (along with him!) was married to my ex for 103 days, she didn't get a dime... OH, YOU SWEET, SWEET KHARMA!!!!
  • There was a few guys I dated, nothing ever came of it.... I was living the single life for a while... It wasn't so bad....
  • I met a man that I am really liking... He has been through the same divorce drama as me... He has 2 boys that are 10 and 15... They are great kids... Hard not to love them already... He treats my kids like they are his own... Their behavior has improved 100% since he came around... But he rewards them for good behavior, and is showing me how to be a parent again (I kinda gave up for a while)... We laugh all the time, we go places together, seems like we have the same goals in life... I am hoping he is "the one." I am tired of feeling alone... I had felt that way for almost 4 years... Not to mention I think he is a total HOTTIE:)
  • But....he is kinda jealous....Like he thinks I'm going to do him like his ex wife did... Hopefully in time that will get better?
  • My baby girl will be going to Kindergarten this year... I have mixed feelings about that... She seems so little, yet so grown at the same time!!
Here are some pics:)

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  1. It has been a while. Sounds like some good things are finally happening for you and it's about time :)


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