Saturday, January 2, 2010

My kids have a love/hate relationship, potty issues

Funny how when my babies are home together they beat each other down, take each other's toys, make each other cry, poke, pinch, hit, kick, bite, scratch, pull hair, knock each other down, I mean anything you can think of......they do it, smugly!!

So it makes me wonder why, when they are seperated for even one night, they walk around this house aimlessly asking where the other is.... Last night Sissy went home with my sister....So Bubby was here alone this morning. He constantly talked about Sissy, asked where she was, made me show him pictures of her and when I did he beamed with happiness!

I realize now that all kids must go through this same thing, as I did with my siblings too. I am finally glad that I had my babies so close together, they are like twins, and they really have each other to lean on! I think about how alone one of them would be at a new sitter by themselves, or having to go visit Daddy twice a week and endure his craziness alone? It is like they have a built in support system to get them through the hard times. I just don't know what I am going to do when Sissy goes off to school without Bubby.... What will he do with himself? Do any of you out there in bloggy land have any stories like this?

Now on another note, WTF am I going to do about Potty Training? Sissy is 3 years old and refuses (absolutely acts horrified) to "go" anywhere put in her pull-up/diaper! Now you have to imagine having a conversation with a 3 year old, and she is VERY articulate.....she started talking at 9 months! So she can argue and debate with me like an adult. So here I am offering her everything (bribery has failed), begging, even threatening her, but nothing works! And Bubby being a man of few words just says NO and that's that. Am I going to have the only children in the universe to be starting kindergarten in diapers?

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  1. Hi,
    Took my own advice and decided its better to start my own blog than leave long comments on others lol. Your new years post goes down as a piece of inspiration to finally get it going.
    Frank in UK


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