Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What am I gonna do? PLEASE HELP ME!!

Ok, Satan is not stopping..... He is getting more and more pissed with each passing moment! Should I dare say that I am "afraid" of what he will do next? I don't know how to explain it.....but when this man doesn't get his way, you better clear a wide path. I am unsure what all he is capable, and that frightens me.... Everyone else thinks his crazy rants, and weird threats are funny.....I don't. I have faced him and his lawyer in court....they are evil and they are mean, and may I even dare say very convincing? So much so as to making the judge believe I was a drug addict (never!!), and a bad mother, and a liar! I swear to the higher powers that be, that these people chewed me up and spit me out......While I stood there with my mouth hanging open, and my lawyer glared at me (as if to say....why didn't you tell me all this--well you jacka$$ I didn't know it myself until this very minute!!). So when people tell me to "make him do this," or "don't let him do that," I don't see that I have any other choice. What am I supposed to do? This man has the law in his pocket (they let him drink and drive on a daily basis, pull him over, then let him go--DRUNK), his mother works for city hall in conjunction with the police, and they have all know each other for years? WTF can I do? He is one of the "good ole' boys," no one can touch him!! Sad part is....I have to send my babies with this loser 2 days a week (NEVER ON A WEEKEND MIND YOU, the judge said we had to work around "Dad's schedule," which meant they didn't give a good shit whether or not Mom got a weekend break....WTF?), well if he choses to see them on his day. And I am not lying when I say he has been raging drunk before when I went to drop them off.....I called the police.......police came.....talked to him.......told me he was fine, let them go.......then he asked them if I called them to be there (OMG)......thankfully they said no, so I lived another day after that!!
What if he wrecks and kills one of my precious babies? How can I stop this madness?

So you know I have been having different people drop the kids off with him right? Well yesterday at 5:30 he starts calling me (drop off is at 6), I don't answer, BF gets home, I let him answer my phone (for the first time ever)....He tells Satan the kids will be there at 6(as usual). Satan hangs up on him. My sister pulls up with the kids......I get a phone call, apparently Satan has went into the police station (remember this is his home town....and these are all his buddies) at the drop off spot (which I am shocked there are even any police there, never there when I needed one) he is in there making up this big story about BF. Saying (swear) that he is going to kick my bf's a$$ when he gets there with his children, because BF smarted off to him on the phone (which never even happened, BF is the timid, get along with everyone type), meanwhile BF is not even dropping the kids off!
How can I compete with this? His lies? His stories? All the things he does to get back at me (every time I ever try to NOT speak to him, or ignore him and move on)...... I have tried an EPO (was dismissed).... Any time I have ever called the police on him.....when I go to get a doesn't exist.....only his report is there, telling a "story" of how I have wronged him..... Once I called about him RAMMING MY SUV WITH THE KIDS IN IT, guess what? It was never reported..... He said to the police, "I bought it, I will ram it if I want to" and they laughed at him....
Would it do any good to write an anonymous letter to his county's district attorney....saying I am writing this letter because I know of officers letting him drive drunk, and if/when my kids are hurt in a crash I will hold them responsible??? Or do you think this will fall on deaf ears too? Do you think it will come back to haunt me?

P.S. His past record has been "esponged" so I can not prove he has ever done anything criminal in his life!!!


  1. Move. This is a dangerous man and you're in his territory. Find a Victim's Advocate center near you and ask for their help. The great thing about the Victim's Advocates is that they've all been through this. You may have to go out of town to find someone who can help, but they are there. There's nothing funny about what he's doing and it's all illegal. Restraining orders aren't worth the toilet paper they're written on, but they do serve as legal documentation. If the city police are on his side, go to the county sheriff to get it.

    Go find "Goodbye Earl", listen to it, and have a good time plotting his demise. Or another good one is "Gunpowder and Lead". Very empowering songs - just don't actually kill the bastard - fantasizing about it is sometimes enough to get you through.

    Good luck.

  2. ok, i think i'm pretty caught up here on the lowdown. jesus h! man, do i feel for you! i have drama in my life but, i'm not sure i would trade you! :(

    your babies are beautiful and it sounds like you got a good man on your side. hold onto that when you get to your rope's end.

    gundiva's got some good advice for you! hang in there!

  3. Hi again,
    As an outsider who knows nothing about nothing your posts about "satan" seem so full of drama.

    If you are really scared you should keep a log of the mad things he does which you can present to the police so you have dates times and what happened. This log can also be shown in court etc...much better than you turning up at the police staion trying to explain what happened.
    Small towns can be crazy but if the police see you know what you're doing they will be forced to take notice.

    Might seem like a silly question but do you talk to your bf about how you really feel or do you hide it from him? From what you write he seems like a good guy and might be able to ease your mind a little more if you confide in him.

  4. I have no idea what to advise you to do. Sounds like gundiva is spot on. I'm so sorry you are going through this. He sounds nucking futs.

  5. Yikes! This sounds horrible, and yet I can so relate in many ways. The lies, the vindictiveness, the manipulation, etc. but not to having the police backing him up on everything. And not recording it? There's got to be someone higher up you can report this to. Try googling some womens shelters in your area - maybe they can direct you to some resources or even provide them for you.

    Meanwhile document EVERYTHING. ALWAYS have someone with you when he's around and buy a little recorder to get it all on tape.

  6. Thank you for commenting on my blog today. I see I have a lot of catching up to do here to figure out what's going on. Is this Satan, the father of your children, the older guy you mentioned on my blog? If so, ignore everything I said in my comment back to you. Like GunDiva said, you need someone on your side to let you know what your options are. And fast!

  7. I don't live anywhere near Satan, I live an hour away and have for almost a year now. I am not in immediate danger, I just never know what he is capable of, but, he only starts his craziness on his home turf (which is where I have to drop the kids off--cause the judge hates me!).

    Gundiva- as always you crack me up! I am sure you mean business with whatever you say!

    Diane- thanks for stopping by, and for saying my babies are beautiful:) I can never load the good pics cause of this slow computer. I do have a good man now but not sure if he is "the one."

    Wokeup40- I do tell the new bf everything, he knows my feelings. He is just not the type to have a confrontation. He is mild and timid, but a great guy to me and the babies.

    Kys- I didn't know how "nucking futs" this "futher mucker" was until I tried to leave him. He is just fine if I am doing what he wants.

    Mindy- Hey, I noticed the similarities too! Same a$$hole different state! I does scare me about the police, I have never seen it either until now, you would think they would get in big trouble for allowing a man to drink and drive after pulling him over??

    Xup- Wow, I can't believe you stopped by, you are like the blog celebrity in my book! So knowledgeable!! Yes Satan is the kids father (also the love of my life), but he has gone too far for me to ever take him back, there was no way for you to know that just by my comment on your blog.


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