Monday, January 4, 2010

Slow ASS computer!!!

I am starting to HATE this damn Internet connection! I pay over $60. a month for wireless Internet.....(don't know if I should say what it is on here but it is similar to BS & S--got it?) and let me tell you it is CRAP! I can not watch any videos, can not see most pictures, can not download music, can barely check email..... So what is the point? Every now and then if I try 100 times I am able to post a blog entry or check my facebook or myspace updates, maybe even find a recipe.......I have no home phone so can't even get dial up....and we live out in the STICKS, so no cable connection either, and I looked into Satellite connection only to find out it is about $500. up front and $100. a month. Well maybe if I sold some blood every day for a week I could afford that.....NOT! I guess I will just keep looking, until I stumble onto something great and cheap????

Satan called me at 11:00 and informed me that he wasn't picking his children up today. GREAT! I guess mothers don't need a break? It really must be nice to be able to pick and choose what times are convenient to be a parent. By the way, his drunk a$$ was calling me at 3:45 AM night before last......turns out he wrecked his truck (08-Diesel, which was nice at one time). I guess you could say I was not to thrilled having to lecture a 50 year old man about how he too can lose everything he ever worked for, and he needed to grow up (for himself, IF NOT FOR OUR SMALL CHILDREN).

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  1. I hate slow internet. Doesn't that piss you the eff off? And Satan should just go back to hell where he belongs.


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