Monday, July 26, 2010

The ink is not even dry

My Ex husband is MARRIED. Yep, I said it, MARRIED. As of today it has been 1 month since our divorce was final..... and he has been married for at least a week that I know of...... I am guessing a lot longer....... I wouldn't put it past him to have done it before our divorce was even final......

I found out by accident last Sunday (a week ago) while dropping the kids off. He was giving me an insurance card to put in my vehicle (that was still in his name at the time), and it said Satan and Whore Underworld on the card. When I lost my sh*t and asked him WHY it said that..... He got a wicked grin on his face...... Then he started back-peddling and denying it. He said that the insurance company made a mistake, and for me to "go ahead and call them" and they would tell me. Only he knew damn good and well that I would never call anyone. And he just could NOT tell me the truth. I asked him at one point, "Satan, why do you have to lie? Just tell me the truth for once in your life." Again I was met with denial, and the other tactics he uses when he is backed in a corner..... He changed the subject. Then he harped on his chosen subject for 30 minutes. I finally just drove away. I got so tired of listening to his incoherent ramblings and LIES.

I can not say that I wasn't, and I am still, not hurt.... It burns like a M*ther F*cker!  I have cried a little too..... and I can't understand WTF is wrong with me.... why I would care so little about myself that I let what this creep do to me be acceptable?? And how I still don't hate his guts, and it still hurts!

Anyway, on another note, I went to get my vehicle out of his name Friday.... The lady doing the transfer is married to a "buddy" of his (a new buddy that is, one I never met), and she has been to dinner with Satan and the Whore (comfortable situation for me, eh?). She basically did the whole transfer illegally, but I thank God that she did, or my SUV would probably be repossessed with everything else he owns. But that is what people do for him, they give him everything he wants, when he wants it. You wouldn't believe the show he was putting on for the 3 ladies working in there, it was sickening! And because he was jacked up on pills, he didn't realize how stupid or ridiculous he sounded.... but I made sure to point it out to him (several times).... and I told him that HATE wasn't a strong enough word for the way I feel towards him...... after I overheard him ask the lady if they needed a passport to go to JAMAICA!!! and the boy/driver (also on something which made him sound equally like a druggie) that was with him was talking about the new horse he just bought!! I made sure to announce in front of everyone within earshot that he was almost 3 months and $3100 behind on his child support but he could afford to go to Jamaica and buy a horse...

His reply, "Well, I was going to pay you before we went to Jamaica, and I am making payments on the horse."



  1. what a dick. UGH! i hate dead beats!

    thanks for the birthday love!

  2. What a fool. I cant tell you how many men I know who think "moving on" is replacing one person with another. Really it's just a distraction to keep them from looking within. Or improving. Good riddance!

  3. You know that he is going to do the same thing to her in a year or two. Just be thankful that you are done and moving on!
    Sorry it sucks though!

  4. Try your best Not to think about him!!! I know it's hard!!

  5. Did I ever tell you about the time when my ex drove up to my house in a brand spanking new truck to tell me that he couldn't afford to pay child support? That was bad enough. What was worse was when his wife showed up the next week in ANOTHER new car. I was thankful that I didn't own a gun at the time, because I would have put a slug through both brand new engine blocks.

    That visualization helped me through a lot. Try it out (just don't actually do it, I can't afford to help post bail).


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