Monday, February 1, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY......

I found some pictures I wanted to share.........

The top picture is of my newest love interest, the devoted BF........What a catch.....He is 34.
After a year of knowing this man, I have nothing bad to say.....he tries his best at whatever he does, he hands over his paycheck weekly, he LOVES my babies (maybe as much as he loves me), and he puts up with my SH*T (read: making me spaghettio's at midnight) with a SMILE!
Who wouldn't want to be with him?
P.S. look at those big guns he is sporting, WOW!

The bottom picture is of SATAN (boo--hiss) Since I talk about him all the time and what a jerk he is, I wanted to put a picture with the face (the same face I used to adore....funny how when you love someone, no matter what they look like, they become the most handsome man you have ever seen, no?)........GAG, PUKE, MOAN, and SCREAM!!
P.S. I told you he was 100 didn't I? Well he is 50 and I am 30, WTF?
P.P.S. Somehow this evil f*cker has women falling all over him (myself included at one point in my life), and I can't understand WHY? Remember he cheated on me several times with more than 1 woman, all of which were way younger than him (but slightly older than me). Does money really make a man that more appealling, no matter what he looks like? Can a little bit of charm and an ear full of "bull sh*t" cause all women to just keel over? Do women really like the "bad boy" image that much, do we really want to tame them just to see if we can?
ANYWAY, this was just a little insight on the men in my life; past, present, and maybe future for the new guy (finger's crossed).....
By the way, that is my baby girl that Satan is holding....for some reason that child thinks he hung the moon.... I am thinking he should HOWL at it! One day she will figure him out! maybe?


  1. Little girls always think their Daddys hung the moon. For a bit at least. Don't worry, she'll wise up. Eventually.

  2. I think some men just have "it". Whatever it is that makes women attracted to them. And those men are usually asshats.

  3. Wow. That takes alot of "balls" posting what you just did. Good for you.


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