Friday, February 12, 2010

Retail Therapy

Well first of all, I want to shout out to all the blogs I follow, you guys ROCK!
You will never know how inspiring you have been in my life, at such a rough time.
Your posts keep me going and let me know that there is hope, also that other people struggle with their children too and don't know all the right answers either (so I shouldn't feel so bad about choices I make with mine, LOL), and some of you even made me realize that there are second chances at happieness.......And that what I am going through is not the end of the world, it will get better, and some of you just plain crack me up and take my mind off of everything bad......Starting this blog, and following all of you has helped me tremendously!!! So THANKS!

Anyway, I did a little retail therapy today....
I happened to stop and "browse" the shoe store (OOPS)....then I walked out with 4 pairs of shoes.....I only spent $47. so I am not too upset with myself, besides everyone needs some new stuff every once in a while, right?
It also helped that the shoes were buy one, get one half I got some really awesome high heel peep toes for $4 which is GREAT!
I always feel so good after I buy myself something new.....I feel so confident when I have something nice adorning my feet!!

The babies loved their new playroom.....let's see how long it takes them to tear it up.......I am betting one night when we are home for more than a couple of hours and it will be destroyed....but at least I can always straighten it back up.....It is so pretty though, I want to keep everything in it's place....YEAH RIGHT!


  1. Enjoy the new playroom. Did you sound-proof it, too?

  2. Retail therapy is not a's necessary!!

    Btw, your kids are reallyyyyyy cute!


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