Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Didn't take the lousy job.....

The lady with the job said they could not pay more than $9. for the receptionist job (as I have heard people say before, you get what you pay for, so good luck to them!!)....

I was a little upset, because I do want a job, or some kind of control over my life, but obviously, this wasn't right for me.

Upon further analysis of finances, etc., I discovered that it would have COST me money to work there! After paying a babysitter, gas money for travelling, lunch money, etc..., I would have been in the HOLE big time!! I would be about $300-$400 a month behind where I am currently!!

So thanks friends for the good advice!!
Tomorrow I go for finacial planning for school. I am going for a bachelor's degree in Business Administrative Management, and I should be above entry level at that time (close to midpoint), so I can make some decent money!!

But, here is to hoping all goes well, and being a single mother will finally pay off, and I will be able to get an education fairly cheap, if not I won't be able to go to school....I could never pay back $40,000 worth of loans.....


  1. Going to school is something you'll never look back as saying it was a mistake.

  2. Even though my student loans are astronomical, there's no way I could ever regret my education. Without it, I'd still just be scraping along, wondering if I'd be able to pay my utilities next month or not. Screw that; I'll take my education and what little extra money I've got every month thankyouverymuch.

  3. An education is very important and I don't have one. I envy you for going after it a young age. Good luck!


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