Friday, February 19, 2010

My friends house STINKS.....BAD

The other day we went to my friends house. As I walked through her door it hit me. The sickest, most offensive odor I have ever encountered. I am appalled at her current living conditions.

I came to the conclusion that it had to be from all the animals she has.....a turtle, 6 dogs, and a cat.....ALL IN HER HOME! I overheard her chatting with her teenaged daughter about one of her dogs pooping in the floor in the other room (thankfully I did not have to witness this), I also caught wind (no pun intended) of the fact that her cat refuses to use the litterbox, and I noticed that the cat and one of the dogs I saw looked "mangey," it was like they had an awful skin/hair condition, but who knows?

The other day she said that someone from the state dept. came to visit her, and told her that neighbors were complaining because her yard STUNK...OMG, imagine if they went inside the house, or maybe the smell they smell is from inside the house, since as far as I know, all of the animals use the hardwoods for a bathroom! I would never let my children live in such squallid conditions, what is she thinking? She has a 4 year old son and a 19 year old daughter.

And the worst part.......she is RENTING this house! Can you imagine what the owner would think?

Anystink, I think next time I will invite her to my place instead..............


  1. Ug, I can't imagine! It must be bad if the state department came. Hopefully child services doesn't get involved too! Poor lady

  2. Maybe by telling you about the State Department was her idea of asking for help? I don't know. I'd be embarrased as hell if I were her.

  3. Thanks for the comments...I love my friend to death, and she has not always been this way. It got way worse after her divorce, like she is either putting a wall up, or trying to fill a void.... But I feel sorry for her youngest child (4) having to live that way.... I have tried to "help" her. I explained to her that I keep my dogs (2) in "crates" when I can't supervise them, that way they don't have the run of the house, I told her if she couldn't do that, at least put them in the kitchen, or section off one room, or even throw them outside while she is at work (wouldn't kill them)...and I have even tried to rationalize that giving some of them up might help, but she refuses, then adds more!


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