Sunday, February 21, 2010

I want a BLACKBERRY....

I am so addicted to blogging and facebook, I have decided that I want to get a blackberry....My computer is so slow, most of the time, I can't even open my email, and that SUCKS!

If I had a blackberry, I would be able to set it up where I could correspond via email with my comments, both on this site, and for the updates on facebook, and that has to be GREAT!

Also, my current cell phone carrier's prices are outrageous, to the point where we can not even afford to have text or data. There is another company I am looking at that has a $60. a month, unlimited use talk, text, and data with the blackberry, and that would be SWEET! It would also be cheaper than what I am currently paying, for just talk (and only 750 daytime minutes, but free mobile to mobile). 

Here is to hoping for better phone/data services to come......and easier access to my favorite things!
It might be a month or two before it happens, but it is on the horizon!!!

Do any of you have a blackberry, or use your cell phone for keeping up with the internet? Is it as great as I hope it will be?


  1. Shit, if I got a Blackberry, I'd never get anything done!

  2. my daughter has one and LPVES it! we have sprint so shes all over the net on it! I hope you get your crackberry, I bet your gonna love it too!! xxoo LA

  3. I absolutely LOVE my blackberry. one thing though about emailing back and forth comments - I cannot see the actual email address from my bb, only the name. so on some comments when people don't have their email listed, you'll end up replying to the alot. also, I can't blog from it. I mean I could I guess but it's no better than a slow computer and you'll lose posts if it doesn't save properly. still, I'll never give up my bb. NEVER!!

  4. Friends and families just can't get enough of this phone! Aside from its sleek style, its features make us fall even more in love with BB! It really is a must-have!

    --Samantha Cole


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