Friday, February 26, 2010

Sometimes I just don't know what to do.....

I went to do the financial planning for "school" yesterday and found out that for a bachelor's degree, I would end up with $24,000 worth of loans when it was over (but will only take 3 years) me that sounds like a ton of money to pay back....I guess if you have no money, it is hard to imagine ever having any.
What happened to all that "Obama paying for single mother's to go back to school?" I heard the money they had to GIVE away was already gone for this year, and pretty much next year!!

Anyway, I have a problem......The new BF is irresponsible....I feel as though I have to take care of him......and I HATE IT! All he does is give me his paycheck, then I have to make sure the bills are paid, I have to budget, I have to make sure we eat, have a phone, cable, or whatever we need.....He is OBLIVIOUS to how the money is spent.......I have tried to let him deal with his own money, and guess what? He couldn't even remember what he did with it!!  He spent over $100. in 24 hours, but had no idea on what, and had NOTHING to show for it.  And several times he kept his paycheck (around holidays).....and I would be thinking since he was BROKE already, that he must have bought me something really awesome, then I get a $15 necklace....And I am not complaining about what kind of gift I get, that doesn't matter and is not the point........I just need him to be responsible.. If he spends $15. on a gift, he should have the rest of his paycheck in his pocket....and then put it back into the household for the bills/etc....not BLOW IT!! (then not remember on what). I don't want to spend my life looking out for someone else! That is just the type of person I am (typical youngest child)....I am used to looking to someone else for direction.....I don't know how much longer I can take it.......he is good with my kids though, would never hurt me or cheat, would give me his last dollar, would do anything I asked of him........Wonder why I can't just be happy with him? Will it ever be able to work if we both need someone to look after us?? And will I always resent the fact that I have to "take care" of him, when I need someone to take care of me?

Can any of you advise me? I really have no one I can talk to, that will help me make the right decision....Can you tell me if going to school for $24,000 is the right thing to do (is that a normal/good price for and education??)? After I get a bachelor's degree what kind of job will I be able to get?? I am so distraught....The schools shuffle you through like cattle with a tag in your ear.....they don't tell you what your options will be when you graduate, where you will be able to get a job, ETC., seemed like they just wanted to make sure you paid the loans back.........There was no one there I could talk to about carreer options, or the program that would work best for me, etc....


  1. About School: Have you looked into a local community college? You can go for an associates degree in business administration and it will cost you MUCH less than going to a University (online or otherwise). Community colleges are not only more affordable, but they have staff in place to help you apply for grants (free money) and scholarships (also free money). Not to mention that the federal pell grant is usually enough to cover books and tuition.

    The community college I went to had an added bonus that once you graduated they gave you two $500 grants for an in-state university so you can continue on and get your bachelors.

    Just something to think about! Good luck!

  2. Or a Career College. I work for one and as long as you go to an appropriately accredited college, you'll be pleased with the service. ACCSC is our accrediting commission and they require that we meet certain thresholds: we have to have a certain retention rate (so we can't just shuffle students through like cattle), a certain G&E (graduation and employement) percentage to prove that we can place our students in jobs, not just throw a job listing at them, and we have to undergo re-accreditation every 3-5 years to make sure that our instructors are actually preparing the students for their jobs. Typical colleges and universities don't have to undergo the same scrutiny that career colleges do.

    That said - $24k for a Bachelors is $20K LESS than I paid for mine ten years ago. And there are a lot of diploma mills out there, so you really have to be careful not to fall prey to one.

  3. I don't think $24K sounds bad at all, but I second the others' suggestions about community college, etc...

    That being said, I have a bachelor's AND a master's, and here I sit at home with my kids. And I have no idea what I'm qualified to do. Or what I want to do....

  4. I think it is a community college.....or like a technical/business school that offers a few bachelor degree programs.

    @Erin....that is what I am afraid of, that I will not be able to realize what I want to do, or can do, after I get the education...It is really confusing for me.


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