Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just when you think it can't get any worse.....IT DOES!!

Wow, just when I think I have heard/seen it all, Satan has me dumb-founded, yet again!!

As if my life could possibly get any worse, I learn this tiny little tidbit of information that he has been hiding....Wait for it......Get ready.......Here it is............

This M*THER F*CKER has been hopping on a plane and FLYING his sorry ASS to FLORIDA (with the psycho girlfriend) to get DRUGS!! ONCE A MONTH!! Can you say WTF?

This is the same 50 year old farmer who had never been outside the walls of his small town (except for our yearly jaunt to tennessee a few hours away), also the same cheap ass bastard that told me he couldn't give me any money for his kids for Christmas, and the same low life that told me again today, that in month or so he would be filing bankruptcy, or foreclosing on all of OUR assets (yes my name is on everything). I wonder why, you sorry sonofabitch???? He had the nerve to ask me what I was going to do when he couldn't afford to pay his child support!! How the F*CK would I know what me and YOUR children are going to do......starve, live on he side of the road, be without clothes? But you can bet your sweet ass he will have his PILLS!!!!

What a LOSER!! I really am at the end of my rope!! I don't know which way is up anymore!!
Also this week I found out that someone broke in his house and stole all of his drugs (I am guessing it was one of his older kids, or friends of his who knew they were in there), he couldn't call the cops, what would he say? (um, hello, someone broke in and took my feel good pills?). And amidst finding that out, I found out this was the 3rd time this has happened!!!! Wonder how safe my kids are there??

On top of all this, I called social services to report/make a claim......and you are NEVER going to believe what they said.........There is NOTHING they can do about it, UNTIL
A. He does drugs in front of the kids (how could they tell on him at 2 & 3)
B. He doesn't feed them, has no food in the house
C. He physically abuses them (leaves marks, and I PROVE he has done it)

So basically they said, "Keep sending your precious toddlers with the biggest drug addict/dealer in the surrounding 3 counties, when he kills one of them, we will arrest his ass, you have a nice day now, maam!"

Someone out there tell me that the justice system is fair.........anyone..........anyone????????????????

For some reason, I am so HURT by this! not that this is by far the worst thing he has done to us.....but coming from a man that was locked inside his own world, and hated anything about leaving the comforts of his town, trying anything new, or doing anything with his family....EVER, it is just so unexpected, and it also confirms my suspicion about "how far gone" he really is, and how he is taking the fastest train he can to his own GRAVE!!


  1. Pray that he overdoses himself. Or help him overdose himself.

  2. I just wait for a phone calling saying he is DEAD! And worry like Hell while my kids are with him....this is so crazy. I do wish he would sit in jail for a while, he is more afraid of that than anything!!

  3. Damn Lady. And I thought I had it bad. Just remember- it is always darkest before the dawn. You will get out of this just fine, and your kids will too. They are very luck to have such a great Mommy to care for them.

  4. I wouldnt let him see my kids anymore. I don't care what the law says. I would rather go to jail then take the risk of my kids getting hurt or killed.
    Run and hide.
    Do you have family or friends that can help you?

  5. Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear that..I do have a question for you though. Shoot me a reply email to this, I'd rather take it offline...might make you feel a tad better :)

  6. call that heifer back and ask for her name and then tell her that her name will be the first one mentioned when something awful happens to your children in the care of that lunatic. for real, there has to be something you can do to not send them with him alone anymore. I'm sorry, that sucks really bad!


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