Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Job offer, but not very good pay, what should I do?

Well, I have been wanting a job for some time now.......and today I might have found one......Here is where the "But" comes in....

The pay sucks!! It starts at $9. an hour!! When I worked before I made $20. (which was good considering I had no college education). Granted I know it is hard to find a job these days (I have looked), but, would it be worth it?

The advantages would be:
1. I would be getting out of the house
2. Adult stimulation
3. my very own income
4. Feel better about myself

The disadvantages:
After losing what little bit of money I get from the EX, and other benefits, I would only be gaining about $50. a month!! And I would lose the medical coverage I currently have (for the babies, not myself), and we all know how much it costs to go to the doctor these days without some form of insurance, and my kids have been sick a lot lately, going at least once/twice monthly, which would now come out of my pocket, and add more expenses to the ones I can't pay as it is.
Also if I give up the money I am getting from EX now, I can never get it back, so if the job goes, I am back at square one, with no way to support my babies.

Would it be worth getting a job, if I make just as much staying home with my children? Should I hold out and wait on a better offer? Should I continue to persue the "higher education" route, finish my degree, then be able to get a better job??

I am so confused.....something I have wanted so bad comes along, and I feel bad about either decision I make!

I did reply to the company and tell them I was interested, but since I had tons of experience I felt as though I was worth more than the $9. an hour, and I asked if they paid more based on experience. It is up to them now, I am hoping they will offer me something good, and I can accept the job and be a working mother agian!!


  1. Don't give up school for a lousy job. I know it's tempting to take the job, just because it's a job. But when you look at what you'd lose vs. what you'd gain - stay in school, that's the best route and tell the employer "thank you, but no thank you."

    I took a job just because it was a job in my field, and though I loved it, I completely undercut my own salary...don't do it!

  2. Unfortunately a lot of people face this and I think it sucks. It is almost like forcing a mother to NOT get a job. It just doesn't make sense. Sorry you have to choose, and I feel your pain.


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