Monday, December 28, 2009

Typical Sunday.....

Today was a typical Sunday......slept late (BF got up with the babies)......I have a new bad habit of staying up all hours of the night surfing the www..... When I got up, he had made them eggs.....Mom had come over (lives across the street, YAY for me, NOT) and brought them bags/boxes of candy which encouraged them NOT to eat their healthy breakfast! Of course she and I go rounds about this subject to no avail.

Spent about an hour watching them play, then got up jumped in the shower while BF got them dressed, then I took them to the drop off spot for Satan to pick 'em up. OMG, I knew Satan was OLD, but damn, that man has aged 10 years since our split..... Now, in case you don't know, he is 21 years older than me (I know, what was I thinking?)......Anyway, get this, he had a leather jacket on, which made him look like he was screaming "look at me, look at me, I AM YOUNG, I SWEAR" rofl, it was pretty silly looking, and of course, honest john here had to tell him how horrible it was (yep I sure did). It is still pretty hard for me to face him, but it has gotten SO MUCH better!
After the drop, me and BF went to the big Wal-Mart..... I had to have some ink for my printer... I want to print out some Christmas pics of the babies all dressed up and being still for a split second, I also needed dog food, tylenol, ETC.... I know WHATEVER, rofl, I didn't say this post was exciting did I?
I am quite excited though about the new KICK A$$ leather jacket (from Wal-mart-very cheap, but great) I bought today, that I am going to ROCK, and show Satan how it is really worn, LMAO!! I also got a pair of ripped up jeans that will go great with my boots that I have been dying to wear.


  1. I like that you told Satan how horrible it was. I dated a man 21 years older than me for 3 years...we did not end up is an interesting combination! Your kids are ADORABLE!!!!
    Holly @ 504 Main


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