Thursday, December 24, 2009

Depressed no more!

Wow, I woke up this morning and actually feel good for once. I actually feel good about Christmas and I am excited about my little munchkins coming home and seeing their little faces when they wake up in the morning and realize Santa has been here!!
I have had lots of ups and downs lately! I don't know if it is hormones, holidays, depression, or just me! Hopefully after the holidays I can get back on track?
I did a little bit of shopping yesterday (maybe that cheered me up?). I took the last scrap of money I could possibly spare and got the BF some gifts! And that actually made me really happy.....knowing that this our first Christmas together, and his first Christmas not being alone. He is so excited being with us, having an instant family, and having a new meaning in his life. Sometimes I feel so bad because I am always such a "downer." It has just been rough times for me. Starting with me feeling so out of control with no job, losing the comforts of "the good life" by being married to a wealthy man (who cheated on me and left me and his 2 infant children in the streets!!), and having several health issues myself (which I promise to blog about later, but I don't want to ruin this good moment, LOL)

Anyway, I think I will get up and go make some nice warm cookies!! YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY!!

I have decided 30 is not so bad, I am looking forward to good things to come!

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