Saturday, December 26, 2009

On to New Years.......

Well, now that Christmas is over we can all move on to New Years and think of all the things we might like to change about ourselves, or new things we might want to try, things we might want to make better, things we might want to do...or not do..... It goes on and on and on!
I hope one day my life is exactly as it should be and I have nothing to think about changing or tweaking before January 1st of the next year.
Actually so far this year I don't have a lot of things on my list, maybe a few....
Such as....doing more things with my kids (outside of this house), less time thinking about my failed marriage (cause he F'd it up, not me, LOL) and realize I deserve better (and not let the EX F*ck with my emotions anymore just because he can), get my a$$ back in school or get a good job, learn to live again (ok this last one is a biggie...ROFL)
On another note, we had a really good Christmas. I got a fancy GPS that can do lots of nifty things.... I was pleasantly surprised and I really LOVE it! I also got perfume (Did you not hear me when I told you I am deathly allergic?), oh well, it was a nice thought...most women like that kind of thing. I am weird that way....I also don't dig the jewelry scene either....never did. Well unless it is a big fat engagement ring!
The babies were so freakin' cute opening presents (first time they ever got into it)...they actually got into it so much, they offered to help everyone else open theirs too (with or without the go ahead or agreement of said parties). Of course they got too much (even though I couldn't get them anything), and I spent all day today cleaning this nasty sh*t hole (I use this term figuratively) purging all of the old toys to make room for the new ones. One would think 2 children (ages 3 & 2) would not have so much damn JUNK!!! But do they ever.....and like usual anything I went to donate was their absolute favorite that they couldn't live without even though it sat at the bottom of the toy box for a year now... But being a sneaky mommie, I just waited until they looked away, and in the bag it went!!
Even though it was some hard work, the house looks great, and everything is in it's rightful place and organized the way I like it (OCD maybe? YEP, that's how I roll).


  1. I just LOVE the hope of a new year. =)

    You have some amazing goals, and I know you'll pull through with them. Writing them out most definitely helps!

    Glad you had a great Christmas!

  2. I just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm following you. Thanks so much for following me! Sorry you are going through so much right now....

  3. Great post, love your goals and your enthusiasm!

    I got a GPS not long ago and luuuuuuv it. Enjoy!!!


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