Saturday, December 19, 2009

Strange Morning......

Well, I went to get the babies out of bed this morning and guess what?? They had both managed to get out of their footed pajamas.....then off went the diapers which I found in the hallway....(??) Crazy kids. It never ceases to amaze me what they won't come up with!!
On another note.....It has been pretty loud and crazy around here. Just me and the 2 Terrors this morning. Gunner is supposed to be here soon. Poor guy has to get out in the snow and go to work (even on Saturdays!). It is a shame to say the least. I wish he made more money and in turn had more time to spend away from that awful place he calls "work." Maybe one day?
Mom came over last night (lives right across the street) and watch Frosty & Frosty Returns with the babies. They actually watched part of it..... They usually never watch t.v., they are too hyper to sit still for anything!
The dogs are laying around being awful quiet right now. They refuse to go outside for any length of time when it is this cold, so they are couped up with us.
Maybe I will make some candy or cookies later? Sounds like fun, but don't know if I will feel like it when the time comes.
Last night I drug out the bags and boxes of clothes that people gave us, I had them put up, but looks like now that the babies are growing at warp speed, I can get some good use out of the stuff. Surprisingly there are some really nice clothes (and better for me since I didn't have to buy them!!). Since the babies were both preemies, they are on the small side (or have been), so they are usually true to actual size (Sissy is 3--just started wearing a 3 this month & Bubby is 2--he can still wear a lot of his 18/24 month pants, and 2T shirts). But they are growing now, I look up and their pants and shirts will be way to short, so up we go!
Satan will pick them up tomorrow (if he so chooses) so they will be in a mood on Monday when they come home. Good luck to me on that lovely day!

I have been following some pretty awesome blogs lately! Makes me think I am not alone in this "mess" of life..... Seems like everyone has there own problems too!

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  1. That's great that you were given a bunch of clothes!! If we lived closer I would give you all my step-daughters stuff that I bought her that she'll never wear because her mother is a (well I won't get into that) ... anyway ... both your lil ones were preemies?


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