Sunday, December 19, 2010

It never can just be "it."

In my last post I talked about the crazy a$$ phone call I got from my Ex husband's new wife. I know people think I am just "hatin' on her" because she is a home wrecker and screwed my husband while we were married is with my ex... But really, I think she has mental problems.

True to every other occasion of drama, the phone call I received from his wife, on Thursday, was not the end of the story. It can never just be "it" or enough, there always has to be some big crazy episode to top it off.

Today my ex called me to ask me why I called his wife to stir up trouble. I was like what do you mean, I didn't call her, she called me. Come to find out, in her true psycho ways, she made up a story to tell him where he would be upset with ME, again. I kind of knew it was coming (she has done this before, actually, she has done it every time I have ever talked to her, that is why I hardly ever look at/speak to her).

He was demanding answers and an explanation of why I felt the need to call her and tell her all "that stuff"..... Here is what I was accused of:
  • Giving her a "list" of women he cheated on her with (wasn't she the one telling me she caught him with 6 different women?)
  • Telling her that he was plotting to get rid of her and her daughter
  • Talking about him like a dog (I basically talked about my kids/his mental state/his drug abuse)
  • Saying I slept with him at the hospital (GROSS! Not only is that LOL funny because well, it just is, but he was "crazy" and in the hospital for shits sake, and there were cameras in his room to make sure he didn't kill himself)
I can't remember a lot of the conversation.... I was too upset. I even made the BF tell him that yes it was her that called here. She talked about 100 miles an hour and I basically said uh huh, yeah, or I know. You can't usually get a word in edgewise with her anyway. She does good with the talking, and answering herself as she goes along. I finally told him to ask her wtf she said and leave me out of it.

What p*sses me off the most? She acted like she was my BFF when she had me on the phone. She started the phone call by asking me how he acted while I was at the hospital, and she said if it would help him to have someone familiar around then she was all for it. She also said she had my child support and would be willing to meet me somewhere to give it to me, and she had Christmas presents for my kids, and that if we "came together" we could work the situation out and figure out a way to let him have visitation without taking the kids for extended periods of time......

I have tried to understand why she does this. I have never known anyone like her. I don't even know if she does it on purpose or if she just lies so much she believes herself? Or if really she has some kind of mental condition. I can not imagine anyone in their right mind acting this way.


  1. She definitely has issues. Sounds like she is trying to sabotage you, or, she just revels in drama. Good luck dealing with her! I hope your ex sees what she is doing! :o(

  2. Please please try to find a way to keep your kids away from both your x and his wife. They are both Crazy!!!

  3. You know the comment I just posted on your preceding post...make it "times 10". I don't understand why people are able to act like such creeps and live with themselves. I'm so GLAD you got away from your ex and please keep away from her too. They're both trouble.

  4. I am with Gayle. Keep them away from your children if you can!
    Merry Christmas girlie!


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