Thursday, December 9, 2010

I get so excited over new things.....

This year I did what a lot of people have been doing... I did ALL (OK, most) of my shopping online. It was SO great to not have to fight those crowds, drag the kids out into the cold, pay higher prices, etc. I simply pulled a chair up to the computer and BAM! (like Emeril would say), I was D.U.N. done. I was actually A-mazed at some of the deals I found.....

I ended up buying both kids a Leapster 2 (one of each color). I got these for $32, they are $50. at the store:)
And they had to have some games for said system. So I found 12 games for $7 a piece, they are $24.99 at the store.
I also got them a charger (so I wouldn't have to keep buying batteries). The chargers were $26.99, plus an extra 10% off. So that makes them.... $24.30... They are $36.99 at the store.
Then I got the kiddos a DVD player (came with free movie) for $59.00. One blue, one pink. 

The movies that came with these things were Disney "Cars" and "Bolt." 

Then there was the digital cameras. The blue one was on sale Black Friday at Wal-Mart for $19, it is originally $34.99.

And finally the BIG present was the Trampoline (also from Black Friday). It was $165, everything included. It is $247. at the store normally.

I had to get myself some things too of course.

I can not tell you how happy I am about my new BOOTS! They are SO warm (I feel like I am wearing house slippers, but without the guilt, LOL). I actually went to a shoe store to get these puppies. They were buy 1, get 1 half off, so I HAD to get 2 pairs, RIGHT?
My PAULA DEEN pans came yesterday. The 2 of them were on sale for DIRT CHEAP, seriously!! The big, black, cast iron pot cost me 30 bucks! This Mammy Hopper costs $109.99 normally! The red one, which is only slightly smaller was $23.99!! I looked on another website and the cheapest I saw it was $65. The sticker on it when it arrived said $89.99. This is my happiest find!! I was planning on getting these pans anyway (since I do all the Holiday cooking for the family), but now I didn't have to spend an arm and a leg! The only bad thing.... I had to get RED! My plan was to collect all of the BLUE ones:( Oh well, for that price, I can start on the red collection.

This little beaut on the left is the Zi8. It is one of those pocket camcorder thingys. I read all the reviews and picked it because of the rave reviews people gave it for its clear videos. And "they" said it worked better than most in low light (like indoors where I am 24/7), I knew most of my videos would be shot in the living room while the little people are running around half nekkid, ROFL! 
Not sure how this thing works just yet.... I am still trying to figure it out. I tried to plug it up to the TV and it kept turning itself off????? 

And last, but not least, the BF got a new toy too! He got a TV to take to work with him. He works at a farm, mostly outside, but they have a little office/break room type deal where he goes to get warm, hide relax, and eat lunch. When the last guy who worked there got laid off he took his little 13" TV with him, lol.

I will get the BF some more stuff later. It is just SO hard buying for him because he doesn't want anything. I want him to have something to open on Christmas morning though, and he said the same about me (wants me to open something). But other than that, we are done shopping. We both agree that it is mainly about the kids, and seeing them be happy!!
I did go a little overboard on the kids presents (?maybe not to some?), but I felt horrible because last year, I couldn't afford to get them anything (thankfully they were too little to understand, and my family had gotten them things that we had at our house for them to open Christmas morning). Also, some of the things I got them, I feel like are more of an "investment" for years to come (like the trampoline, that will be used for years), and the other gifts were aimed to keep them occupied (while home with me during the day, *smiles) for more than 2 seconds.

Tell me what you think is a "normal" about of money to spend on a) your kids b) your spouse (BF, GF, partner, significant other, ball and chain, your better half) c) your relatives.... I just wonder how others celebrate, how they view the whole present exchange.

*I am not doing a "review" for anyone... I am just sharing my personal shopping list.

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  1. You are quite the little shopper! Darn girl looks like it is going to be a fun Christmas!


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