Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I just wanted to take back my last blog post... We are going to pretend all this other shitty shit isn't happening.

So, guess what everybody? Yesterday (it is now 1:00 a.m. the day after my birthday), was my birthday. It was A-mazing! My boyfriend, being true to the wonderful guy is, bought me some fabulous flowers. See...

I happen to think they are BEAUTIFUL.... And I can't wait to use the new food processor he placed in my lap after I sat down. *He remembered how I said I wish I had one so I could make homemade peanut butter:) I also got to pick what I wanted for dinner (it was yummy), and of course he served it up on a plate for me, with extra butter for my broccoli. We will have to eat some cake tomorrow... Poor guy got sick to his stomach and had to lay down:(

I hope this man knows just how much I love and appreciate him. He takes all the crap we deal with in stride and has done everything in his power to take care of me and my kids, while making me smile along the way. I just realized (after dealing with Satan and his crew today) how much I love him:) There is something extra special about this one of a kind man, and I need to hang on with both hands!!

Monday night when I got home from the store he had been cleaning the house from top to bottom. He was folding and hanging up laundry, washing the dishes, and picking up toys. As soon as I pulled up outside with groceries, he ran outside to help me. He told me to go inside and sit down, that I had done enough because I went to the store and loaded them in the truck. Say what? Is this kat for real??

Wonder why it took up until now for me to see this? He has been this way all along...

I will leave you with a picture of my sweetie pie... I didn't mean for my mug to be in the picture, but the other pics of just him, taken with my old SLR camera were to big to load up. We took this pic with my phone around Christmas time last year.
And below is the trampoline he put together, by himself, in the bitter cold, and snowy weather to appease "our" kiddos that were to excited to wait!! He said I didn't need to be outside, that I would get sick. So me and the kids watched from the window. I did make him some hot chocolate and made him come in to take some breaks along the way.
And finally, our pretty tree. We put it up while the kids were at Nana's. It just didn't feel like Christmas until I saw the twinkling lights of the tree.
*My sister gave us this beautiful tree!


  1. I am so GLAD, RELIEVED, HAPPY, ECSTATIC that there's an extraordinary guy like him in your life. You need a good dose of nice people to balance "Satan's crew" out (love the name by the way..suits them very well)! Don't be afraid to post anything you want on your blog--good or bad, we'll read, okay? :D

    PS: you guys look so cute together--a nice couple.

  2. I love that you had such a wonderful birthday!! You deserve it!! Your flowers in the snowman mug are so pretty! Great idea and you will be able to use it for January too! Love Love your tree!


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