Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nope, can't do it....

OK, so typical of my luck...COURT WAS CANCELLED.... And no one bothered to tell us, and didn't care that we drove an hour to get there....Talk about pissed.... This girl was HOT! I already had to cancel my plans because of this, and now the judge can't show up? I had even asked my lawyer if we could change the day because my sister invited us to go to Holiday World, and since the babies had never been, and it would be FUN, I was going to take them... And I had already paid before the ex stopped paying me...(luckily I got my money back).

Anyway, no court=no money still. When I said something to my lawyer (who I happened to run into at the courthouse) he was like, well.... that was something I was going to bring up today. Well WTF? Now I just wait another 10 days until the next court date?? Oh well, it has been this long, why not?

To illustrate how ridiculously BRAZEN the ex is.... HE DROVE TO COURT! Yep, he has no license, yet he drives to court (which is right next to the Sheriff's Office). I guess he figured I would be late (like I usually am) and he could slip in/out without me noticing, but I was early for once. Come to think of it, I bet he drove last time too, cause I never saw anyone waiting for him (only I didn't see him drive either). Anyway, after he saw me & my parents standing there (I saw him standing by his truck talking on the phone) he disappeared. And when I left he was no where in sight. I figure he had someone come fetch him, or he just went around the corner until we left.... There was nothing I could do... Even my lawyer saw him... But since he was already out of the truck, we couldn't prove it!!! yep, my luck people.

I PASSED my drug test. Well obviously I would... But even though I knew I hadn't done anything, I always get nervous just because. Actually, I have NEVER failed a drug test... But I am a nervous type, and always think the someone rigged it, or I had a false positive etc.. I bet he failed miserably, but there is no way I can find out, until court (if they tell me then). I would LOVE to tell that judge to apologize to me for calling me out saying I am an addict, I bet she won't!!! Do you think now they will give me sole-custody, I highly doubt it, but I can hope! My Dad wrote 5 letters and sent out yesterday morning to some official people (LOL) to get some help. My children should be able to have a safe and secure life without being exposed to drugs and criminal activity.

On a good note... The BF got promoted at work, and he got a raise, and now he can fire people, LOL. I am so excited for him, it is about time they notice what a treasure he is... He works his butt off! Now, if they would give him some insurance, we would be all set:)

Last night my sister took us out to eat (thanks sister, lol). We were all sitting there waiting for our food when I gasped in shock... My son PEED on my foot and in the seat of the booth. It was a strange experience. Luckily we had some diapers in the car... I am not even sure why the BF put him in underwear when he knew we were going out? He has only successfully used the potty a few days... Anyway, we still had fun...

Tonight baby girl started crying... She said her poop wouldn't come out and it hurt. Then she started screaming/crying help me, help me. OMG, I had no idea what to do, and it was an awful situation!! I didn't know how to help her, and probably couldn't anyway.... And I KNOW how bad that can hurt, dang, and she is little so it is probably even worse. Poor kid. It finally passed and she was OK. When I changed her (cause she still won't do it in the potty) I can understand why she was crying, OUCH!! I think I will start giving her some miralax til she gets straightened out, cause no child should have to be in pain, ever!!

Hope u all have a good weekend......


  1. Hope you have a great weekend too. Things will all work out!!!

  2. Romans 8:28. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings. Lloyd

  3. God, that sucks. Been where you are and I know how crappy it is. But, you have a great humor about it! New follower!


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