Friday, July 16, 2010

What to say???

Well I am not sure I even know what to say on here anymore.... It has been damn near a month since I last posted.... . Most of the times that I could post I don't, because people seem to hate it when anyone blogs about bad or negative things.... But really I have nothing good to say anymore..... I thought when I started this blog that it would be a place where I could express myself and talk about the "real life" situations......

ANYWAY.... some bullet points!!
  • The ex finally paid me $200. last Tueday (he owes me $3100)
  • I am betting I will NEVER get it, EVER
  • My landlord is on my back because I owe her  (I don't blame her one bit though)
  • she said for me to just "try" and do the best I could, when I got some money to let her know
  • I came up with $400. the other day and I called her (I figured she would be excited), she asked me if I knew when I would be able to start paying "on time" again.
  • She insults me, and calls people she knows (that know my family), and tells them I am not paying my rent, and that humiliates me!!
  • she will tell me one thing, then turn around and say something totally different (look lady, you either understand what is going on or not....let me know so I can plan my response)
  • I applied for housing assistance---was DENIED....for child-care assitance (while I go to school)---DENIED
  • I applied for money from the school..... I STILL have not gotten it! It has been almost 2 months now?
  • My cable and electric have been shut off (twice), I had to borrow money from my dad to get it turned back on
  • My dad paid my internet bill
  • I am still driving my Dad's car, since I can't afford mine
  • The alternator in Dad's car went out...add $140. to fix that
  • I am divorced, finally
  • the judge that ordered us to take a drug test, DIDN'T HAVE THE RESULTS when we appeared in court last time. I PASSED, he FAILED.... They gave him joint custody.
  • instead of getting a "property settlement" from my ex-husband, I got stuck with about $7,000 in debt that was accrued in my name (that he failed to pay, when I wasn't working and we were married) and $10,000 in lawyer fees (so they could stand there and let his lawyer brutally attack my character and say NOTHING)
  • He kept all of the property; farms, 2 houses, tractors, vehicles, equipment, livestock, etc.... which, if added up, would equal over a MILLION dollars
  • I retained my personal vehicle (04 model), it will cost me a fortune to transfer it (since I have never had my own insurance, and you have to have it before the transfer, and if I put it in my Dad's name and his insurance it will cost a fortune for the actual transfer!!!)
  • So I guess he can keep it too
  • My "best friend" that I reconnected with, who is also his daughter, has told him everything I have said to her. And she posts pictures on facebook of my kids at his house (our old home) swimming in his pool and living the good life. She doesn't understand why that would upset me?? Or maybe she does!!
  • He can buy a new pool, but he can't pay his support?
  • I stayed with his wife for 5 nights in a row, no one else would... so that meant my kids, my home, and my needs didn't matter... I had to have someone babysit my kids....
  • I tried to get someone else to "help" me, they wouldn't
  • I finally just had to leave her.... (but she does have 6 kids of her own, so she called one of them)
  • I really can not think of ONE "friend" that has offered to help me through and of this......
  • I think I am depressed
  • I wonder why???????


  1. omg! I am so sorry to here all of this!! You should be depressed. I am not going to lie to you this is terrible! Just keep pouring your heart need to. Hang in there for your kids. Love them, spend time with them and you will win in the long run!! I really do hope that things will get better. Also, It's your blog so you can write about what ever you want to. I will pray for you tonight!! Again, I am so sorry to here this!!

  2. Get a JOB and stop trying to rely on other people to pay your way.

  3. I am so sorry that you have to go through all of this alone. Being a single parent is hard enough, but then add in all the other crap. Hang in there.

  4. Don't give up ~ writing, persevering, sharing, and moving on. I've been through times like this myself, where it rains, it pours, and it doesn't seem like it's ever going to let up. But it always seems to get better, and the scales continue to rise and dip at their whim. Know that you're not alone. There are people here who care, are happy to listen, and help get you through the mud and the mire. Blessings, Jenn

  5. I'm sorry you are struggling so... post here and don't worry about what anyone else does or says... just get it off your chest. I know it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but it WILL get better. Keep your head held high and ACCEPT the help when it comes... ASK for it if you need it and know that you will be able to return the favor one day, if not to the person who helped you, than to someone else who needs it just as much as you do now. In the meantime, lots of {{{HUGS}}}}

  6. You'll get through it. Trust me, school is your way out. Remember, I've been there and it *SUCKS* big ole hairy monkey balls. But I kept at it and it has paid off.

    Don't let cranky ole Dana get to you. Keep getting up and fighting. It may take years (I know just the thought sucks), but all of your hard work WILL pay off.


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