Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things are getting worse....

Being without any form of income (for over a month now) is starting to catch up with me, fast.  At first things were all good.  I was kind of caught up, I had money in my pocket, etc. Now, not so much.....

I couldn't pay the rent. I wrote my land-lady a letter explaining what is going on, and that I would catch up as soon as possible. I figured she would understand since a) I have NEVER not paid her, and b) I have NEVER been late...  Well she is not taking the news all that well.  She called to tell me that she can't make any payments without that money (I do understand that, honestly I do), I just don't know what to tell her? And keep in mind it is only the 8th of the month when she calls....

I tried to get money from the school, and I may be able to, but it will be at least 30 days.  They are now not letting people get any money for 30 days after the term starts because some students come to class 1 time, get a check, then never come back (or they do it all over again the next term)... Obviously I am not one of those kinds of students because a) I had almost perfect attendance, and b) I made straight A's.  But it doesn't matter cause one bad apple spoils the bunch, right?

I called my lawyer CRYING... told him I was about to be evicted because I can't pay the rent.... He was less than helpful... asked me if the EX had made any payments since the last court date (OBVIOUSLY NOT)... and he said he would send a letter to the EX's lawyer telling her we would bring it up in court the next time we go (the 16th)... Thanks a lot.... Glad it is my kids and not YOURS that are going to be homeless!! 

Now onto my next situation.... Why do people tell me to get a JOB when.....
-I am a full-time college student
-I have 2 small children I have to be home with (who would watch them, and if they did how would I pay for it anyway?)
-I can't even find a f*cking job
-I had a great mother f*cking job until I married a f*cking loser who told me to quit my great f*cking job, and he would take care of us, then he left us for a f*cking whore that worked at the f*cking gas station, and then he told her to quit her f*cking job, now he takes care of her ugly f*cking a$$ and her kids.  And he f*cking forgot that he has 2 little kids, and it takes f*cking money to raise them!!

We did go to church on Sunday with my grandparents.... At least that made my heart feel a little better:)


  1. I am so sorry that you are having to go through all this!!

  2. You WILL get through this... I know it doesn't seem like it, but you WILL! In the meantime, {{{{HUGS}}}

  3. God, I wish I could fix it for you. I would in a second. I can't imagine how hard it is. I think of you often and always say a prayer after a post like this. Kiss your babies and know it will work out, it Has to.


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