Friday, June 11, 2010

We had fun tonight!!!

I am so tired of thinking about everything bad going on in life!!  So tonight I am going to post about what a good time we had.  Just sitting at home being together.

The other day my kids brought home a little music CD from McDonald's (they call it Macky Donald's, LOL) or wherever they had went that day with Nana.  So tonight I popped it in the DVD player and the music quickly filled the air, and their little blue eyes lit up.  If they didn't think I was silly already, they do now.... I started dancing and laughing and they stood there aghast with their little mouths hanging open. 

But it didn't take long for the laughter to commence.... And little Bubby was the first to let his legs buckle at the knees and start to join in on the fun.  He was bouncing with the beat and grinning from ear to ear.  Then Miss Priss started screaming.... "shake your booty Mommie."  I love to hear giggles from babies, there is nothing better, and after they started I got even more into it.

I grabbed 2 hair brushes and handed them to each one of them to use as a microphone.  I grabbed Bubby's arms and danced across the floor with him.... then I slung him unto my hip and did circles and spun him around.  After a while he got heavy so I put him down, then I grabbed up the BF and we danced happily while the babies watched and cheered us on.  Finally the BF grabbed Bubby, and I grabbed Miss Priss and we were all spinning, twirling, laughing, and dancing until we were breathless. 

It was the best time we have had in a long time.... For a minute I forgot about all the problems we struggle with everyday and we were just able to be free and enjoy life:)  I hope no matter what my kids do without, fun will not be on the list.  We can still love each other and have fun and live happily. if nothing else, we have each other, and that is all that matters!!


  1. look at those two adorable cherubs at the top of the page...those cheeks are too much! Kudos to you for taking time out to enjoy the small moments! Those are the things the kids will remember...that even when times were really hard, you stopped to bring joy into the house.

    Thanks for commenting at Single Mom in the South!

  2. Fun and silliness doesn't cost a dime - the kids and I lived on it more often than not :)

  3. Yeah, it is nice to see you smile!


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