Friday, June 4, 2010

Brokedown, Busted, and Disgusted!!!

Let's start with the anger issues, shall we?  On Tuesday when the ex (Satan) met me to pick the kids up, his Mistress (as in the Devil's Mistress, LOL) was driving him around (remember he has no license because of the arrests)... They also had HER youngest kid with them. Anyway, obviously I hate this B*TCH and everytime I see her, or know that she is going to be around my children, my blood starts boiling, and I lose my freakin' mind!

Satan owes me $1250. (this Tuesday it will be $1450.).... He has not paid me a penny in almost a month. I honestly don't know how I am surviving... all I can say is BARELY.  Thank God for my Dad loaning me some cash last week (to keep my internet on). And thank the state for giving me money to buy food, or else my little munchkins would be starving (obviously they are not, look at them, LOL). And thanks to me for paying the electric bill ahead last time.

Now, when I saw them heading toward town to go out to eat, I lost my sh*t!!  I called this sorry excuse for a man and started screaming at him!!! I was wondering how if he couldn't pay his child-support could he afford to take the whole "fam damily" out to eat, or out on the town?  This is ridiculous people!!!! We can't live (I am officially late on my rent, which has never happened before)....but he can shove his big face full of eat out food!! How can he get away with it you ask? Well last time we went to court, his lawyer told the judge that he was broke and couldn't afford to pay me, and it may be 2/3 more weeks until he can.... So I am just out of luck... and my babies are too!

On another note..... Satan's lawyer called my boyfriend's boss. Oh.yes.she.did.... Asked him if I had ever been removed from the farm he works at.... WTF? Where do these people come up with the CRAP they accuse me of? I just went to one of the owner's funerals last month (the guy loved me).... And I have been in and out of there several times bringing the bf lunch and hanging out (never been one ounce of trouble).  My nephew even works there now...  The boss told her NO (never any trouble) but how much do you want to bet she brings it up in court anyway, and says I did it???? And how much more do you want to bet that the judge will believe her????  She also made up this story one time saying I was removed from my job and put in a rehab center (this NEVER happened either)... yet she said she had proof, but no one ever saw it.. And the judge never asks me if it is true or not.... just gets mad at me for speaking out, or interrupting in court.

I just can't keep fighting these people, and that is what they want... So I don't know what to do, it is all so unbelievable and PAINFUL.... You know it really hurts when someone attacks your character and says you are a bad person.... when in all honesty you have done nothing wrong. And the man you thought loved you took away everything you ever had (job, money, home, security, trust, family, pride, self-esteem, etc.) and he attacks you daily and shoves piles of sh*t in your face!!!!

The bf asked the boss if he would right a letter to the court to say this incident never happened, and guess what???? He said NO.... He said they could call him, but he wouldn't write anything out on paper... WHAT A JERK.... I guess people can't write out the truth anymore??  I wish that Jimmy (his other boss that just died) was still alive.... he would have went to court with me and told them they were full of it!!  He was one of those "good old guys" that used to always tell bf how nice I looked or how sweet I was, LOL....That always made me feel good:)

I swear if I don't get some money soon I am going to break-down..... I will no longer have gas to go to school or anywhere for that matter, money to pay any bills, no phone, no internet, no air-conditioning, no water, no lights, no diapers or wipes, no laundry detergent (just think of all the things it takes money to buy)......WOW

I can't get any help from the state (besides what I already get....) because he is supposed to pay a certain amount and that is what they count (not whether he pays or not).... And I can't have him arrested because his lawyer told the judge all that crap above..... Does the system not care about women and children who have nothing.... against a man that took it all???


  1. Oh Lordy.

    Talk to your academic advisor. One worth his/her salt with help you find resources to get you through this. Also, check in with your Career Services people and see if you can't apply for a work study position (if you're Pell eligible). And...check in with financial aid to see if you can dip into your "excess" (they'll tell you there isn't any, but usually in extreme circumstances they can "find" some) just to get you through. My college has an emergency fund for students in situations like yours. Remember, it's in their best interests to keep you on as a student.

    Keep your guard up and jab every chance you get. Eventually you'll land a hit when you need it the most.

  2. This post is just breaking my heart!! I am so sorry your ex is such a mean guy!! Try not to let him get to you!! He probably takes pleasure in that! Hang in there!!

  3. Or... you could get a job.

  4. Here we go again.... LMAO! I swear, I wish I was SO bored that I had to sit around and spew negative comments on peoples blogs!!

    I thought I had blocked anonymous comments, so wonder how this happened? It's ok, I adjusted my settings again.

  5. Oh it sounds like you are fighting a tough battle.
    Do they not garnish wages of the Fathers who do not pay their child support where you live?
    Hang in there baby....


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