Monday, May 31, 2010

My day in court....

First off, the judge HATES me! I mean with a passion, that no one that doesn't even know you should have. The very first time I went to court, she accused me of being on drugs. When I asked why.... Her response was, "because of the way you look." I have no idea how one is supposed to "look" when they are going through a gut-wrenching divorce.

How did I look, you ask? Well I had a dress on, I was clean, my make-up and hair were precise, but I had also just lost 40 pounds in 2 weeks due to the horror of emotions I was trying to face, and on top of that, I was bleary eyed from crying and being up all night the night before. Also, because I dared to asked to speak in her courtroom, I guess she thought I was challenging her, she belittled, humiliated me, and made me fear her wrath! I, being the stubborn red-head (naturally) that I am, wanted to defend the accusations being hurled at me, faster than I could blink (by ex's attorney). They said I was an unfit mother, that he basically raised the babies alone (when he wasn't working 24/7), I was a gold-digger, a whore, a bum that wouldn't work, an addict, a trouble-maker, and was a terrible person.

Satan is good in court. He knows how to work the system, he plays on their sympathy, looks pitiful, and never speaks out of turn (I can understand, considering neither of my lawyers have ever hurled insults at him, or accused him of anything that is not true!!).

So this time at court, I thought I had at least one thing going for me, custody, or at least protection for my children, boy was I WRONG! We finally had proof against him, concrete evidence!!

I have to set this up..... Satan came into the courtroom wearing an "ankle bracelet" that they give criminals to track their whereabouts or monitor alcohol intake (not sure which reason he had it on for), he was arrested 2 times in 37 days, left the scene of the accident both times, no license, and he admitted to flying to Florida to buy illegal medicine. He is facing Wanton Endangerment Charges.....

When we approached the issue.... the judge looks at me and says.......

Judge: I don't like to grant sole-custody, besides, the allegations against him are no different than the allegations they claim against you from the beginning of the case....
Me: WTF? and I dared to speak outloud.... but I have never been arrested, never had charges, never wrecked a vehicle, never been in any trouble IN MY LIFE, there is no proof.
Judge: looking to the people around her laughing.... you don't have to have charges... sometimes the court makes its own "implications."
Me: dumbfounded and shocked......wondering what..just..happened... she just "implyed" that she thought I was an addict. What gives her the right? Is this legal?
Judge: I am ordering both of you to go across the street to take a drug test....
Me: Fine with me, I have nothing to hide
Ex's lawyer: Judge, he will probably be "dirty," he is trying to get clean, so it might still be in his system.
Judge: It only takes 72 hours for pills to get out of your system. It is going to be too bad if either of you test positive to anything you've had to pay for....
Me: Still wondering, WTF?
Satan: sweating, shaking, looking like he was going to puke and die.

So now, we have to go to court, again, on June 16th (or was it July) to get divorced, not even to decide on any kind of property agreement (that I'm not going to get anyway).  All they did was order him to continue paying his maintenance and child-support as is, until my son turns 3 (5 more months).

Also, his lawyer said he had been "looking for jobs," and he even put an application in at McDonald's, all I can say is WTFEver!! I can only pray that all this bad karma catches up with him, and he really does have to ask me if I "want fries with that?"


  1. Much positive thoughts your way...

  2. Maybe the best you can hope for is for him to buy some bad (laced) drugs next time. Then he could just die and be out of your life.

    I'm sorry you had such an unprofessional judge - is there anything your lawyer can do? Her behavior is inexcusable and there ought to be a way you can file a complaint.

  3. I think there are ways you can complain about the judge and get assigned a new one, but I'm not sure if doing that helps or hurts, if the judges stick together. Hopefully your drug tests will help you, if the judge can see for herself that you aren't a drug addict, and he IS!

  4. I would def. talk to your lawyer about the judge!! Good luck!!

  5. That judge needs to GO!

    Can't that happen?

  6. Wow, that is wrong! I would talk to someone!


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