Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Stalker.....

Here I come in hot pursuit
I'm not going to stop, so please don't shoot.
I want to see if your car is here,
I turn off my lights cause your house is near.
Wheels roll gently on this holy ground,
We have to be quiet and turn around.
Now as I leave, my horn plays a blow,
HA! I was here and now you know.
Don't get mad, I mean no harm,
and please don't active the police alarm,
So they can chase me down and make me run,
all I wanted was to have some fun.
I am gone now, so go back to your life,
I out ran your Deputy "Fife."
I will be quiet for a night or two,
Just remember though, I am always looking for you.
And late at night, just when you have forgotten about me,
look in your rear-view mirror, and there I'll be!!!!

*This is a poem I wrote in 1996. I was 16 and I had my first job, first car, and first crush:) Some of you that know me a little better (or have emailed me) may now understand where I got that stupid email address from (I have kept it all these years, lol). After I wrote this poem, I was called, "Stalker."

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  1. I like it.. sounds like something I may have written in high school all those years ago (16 or so)
    I can almost hear Nickleback singing this one...


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