Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ok, I have calmed down.........

Since my post yesterday, I took a step back to reevaluate my situation.

I posted an ad on Craigslist and Topix for a babysitter and I have had several offers. Some are even in my price range. So I am hoping everything is gonna work out just fine.

Now, I just have to sift through the replies, weed out the psychos, and hopefully find a needle in a haystack. I would say that you guys wouldn't "believe" some of the responses I have received, but I am sure that you would, lol. The world is a strange place these days. I will give you a run down of some of the crazy replies I have put in the "recycle bin."

  • A woman who couldn't spell or type: I am young lady , i am single mom. Willing to submit drug test anyplace. have decided after a short term break for educational purposes I'd like to get back into the nanny field. children need stimulation and to do things that challenges their minds. I am also know cpr . I am full time student, my major Nursing. (her phone number was from an area code I have never heard from.... I thought it was funny that she took a break, for educational purposes, yet she can not write too well (I hope I don't sound mean, it is just strange to me, I understand though, that some people can not express themselves through writing like they want to)
  • A woman with a certified child care center who said: I can offer you a competitive rate of $7 per hour for both children.. At first I thought, hmmm, that may not be too bad, until I started to figure it out. That is $63 a day or $315 a week.... The BF BARELY brings that home per week..... (Really? That is a competitive rate? The highest I have seen even at a real daycare around here is $130 each, per week (and that is the highest). so that is still $260 a week (she is $55 more than the highest I have ever heard of).
  • How much are you looking at paying? I am interested but live 30 miles away. (I am always leery of someone who FIRST OFF asks about money, doesn't even ask about the kids, also leery when they won't set their price, they are giving me a service, they should have an idea of what they need)
  • Hey, my name is (insert weird name here) ; & i am looking for a job ! because i am a freshman this year, and i need to start too make some money ! / and i think baby sitting is the best for me because i get along with kids very well and have lots of pacients ! & i am very respectful & reliable / & i have baby sited many kids i have lots of toys for boys and girls , and i love kids . i understand i am young but i am very responsible - and i am lots of help & i am very mature for my age so i would love to help you out ! (Well, I am sure my EX would be all about you sitting for him, he likes to hire school kids to watch them anyway, but I need an adult please... LOL, I almost put on the ad NO TEENAGERS, but didn't want to be rude) I replied back nicely, that I was looking for someone during the day, and I was sure she would be at school during those times
  • she replied: awh its ok , but you didnt say a date and time , but thanks ! (I thought I just told you DURING THE DAY, while you would be at school? But hey, how much do you charge?? If it is cheap enough, I am up for anything... NOT)
  • hello, i use to have a daycare in my home many years ago. i have often thought about doing it again. How much are you wanting to pay for the child care of your babies?
  • Hi my name is..... and I'm a stay at home mom with 4 year old twins and a 2 year old. I currently watch a 4 monthh old and have 2 openings left. What kind of hours are you looking at and how much were you thinking a week? (when I read this I thought, damn, she already has her hands full! My kids are pretty rowdy sometimes... I don't think someone could handle that many kids that little (6 kids under 5, how would they ever get any attention, or how could she ever watch them all? I know people have that many kids of their own and some people could handle it just fine, just not what I want for my 2)
  • I am able to watch your kids at my house as long as you dont mind dogs. I have 10. (some are puppies though) 
  • Hello. I saw your posting and wanted to respond. I am a mother to a 3 year old. I currently work full time in the evenings/weekends. I am looking to find some other children around my kid's age to watch during the day. I would be available anytime until 4pm during the week. (Wow, this woman works full time AND wants to sit during the day!! She must be a busy little bee!!)
  • What kind of hours are you needing and what kind of pay are you offering?  I have 6 years experience ranging from 4 month old and up.  I am a recent graduate of (local) College. (um, I am sure you are great, I just feel weird letting a college grad watch my kids.... Why don't you use your education to get a nice paying job... All I can think of is hazing, toga parties, and late nights out with friend, or I also thought she would want way more than I could pay... I guess I would just rather a "Mother" watch my kids, I would feel safer somehow)
  • Me: What is your location... Emailer: I live in your city.... (obviously, but can you tell me where?)
  • hello, i use to have a daycare in my home many years ago. i have often thought about doing it again. How much are you wanting to pay for the child care of your babies? (again, all about the $$)
I did respond very cordially to all of the inquiries I received!! I have a few that are possibilities. I met with a lady earlier tonight. She has 2 sons the exact same ages as mine, and an older daughter that goes to school. She said she would charge me $150 (that is reasonable!!). My last sitter only charged me $20 a day (but look what I got for my $20. and also, I know that is not ever going to happen again, LOL)
Is it WRONG if I tell Satan that she charges $40 a day, that way he will pay $80 then I will only have to pay $70??? I think that is only fair he pays for half of their childcare anyway!! He doesn't do anything else for them...

Oh, yeah, did I mention that he REFUSED to pick the kids up because he was afraid they had cooties?? What parent would not want to see their kids because of that? It would be like me saying, "OK kiddos, you're gonna have to go stay with your Dad until I make sure you are bug free, Mommie still loves you, but I don't want to take any chances on you contaminating us here!"
He actually said, "Well, if I don't get them, that will be one less place we have to clean." SWEAR!


  1. Hi there I am one of many single moms and I find your site very interesting. I hope I have much time each day to drop by and check your site for recent post.

  2. Glad you were able to regroup :)

  3. Just because someone has a college degree, doesn't mean they can find an appropriate job, so I wouldn't cross that one of the list, but I would SO not hire someone who can't spell. (Hello, spellcheck???) Or the first one, yikes! Although maybe English isn't her first language, that's what it kind of made me think of. Good luck, you obviously know from your old sitter what kind of nuts are out there.


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