Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am not DEAD:)

It has been quite a while since I last posted... There has been so much going on. Let's see, where should I start to get you all caught up on my crazy life?
  • We finally got moved. You will never believe where. My EX-husband's parents have a rental property, and they invited us to move here. They actually bent over backwards to make it work out (even let us keep the water/electric in their name for over a week until I could get the money to switch it). Thankfully, it is the same price for rent, same amount of space/maybe more, a 2 car garage with tons of storage space, and WAY closer to the bf's work and my school:) Also, as an added bonus, we have 8 horses outside in our back yard...
See the pretty horses? I think there is about 500 acres back there:)

  • Ofcourse, we went "trick or treating." The little people were a little freaked out by all the festivities. We ended up only going to a "trunk or treat" at my sister's church, then to one other house (baby girl cried, and wouldn't go anywhere near the door. Thankfully, her Bubby grabbed her some candy. Then the last stop we made was at the Ex's parent's house (they filled their little buckets up, again)
  •  See the Costumes??
  • I finally got my internet, phone, and t.v. connections hooked up. Thank God!! It is so BORING being without connection to the outside world, lol
  • I went to my last court date with the Ex. I got NOTHING. I think my lawyer was playing for the wrong team. He told me all this stuff, then when we got to court he didn't say/do anything on my behalf, he let them do whatever they wanted. I wasn't even allowed into the courtroom (only the lawyers). They discontinued my maintenance (which was no surprise), I had to sign over all my rights to the property, I didn't get sole-custody like I wanted (to protect my kids). They basically gave Satan everything he asked for, I got NOTHING. It makes me want to cry thinking about it.
  • I got a call from my babysitter (Satan drops the kids off there when he has them). She said he was HIGH, had white powder around his nose, he was driving (he has no license), the kids were in a soaking wet DIAPER (hello, they are potty trained!), normally they only wear a pull-up to bed, and they never have accidents here, they are dry... Oh, and they were still in their "jammies." He told her he had been out all night and the "lady he hired" to watch them, left them that way. WTF?
  • I later found out that his 12 year old step-daughter and her 11/12 year old friends have been watching my kids every Monday night.
  • He had his 20 year old drug addict son pick my kids up from the sitter (with no carseat, and not in a seat belt even). His son doesn't have a license either (like father like son)
  • I called Social Services, so did the babysitter. Obviously, nothing happened.
  • The babysitter said she would be my witness in court. When the time came, she backed out (he called and intimidated her), so I had to give him joint custody (my word against his).
  • I found out he has been arrested 3 more times since the last time we went to court in May. Driving w/o a license, drug paraphernalia, etc... But he is still NOT IN JAIL. He had court last Thursday, but he is still a free man. I guess if you have enough money, you get what you want!!!
  • I also found out that his new wife's son has been removed from their home.... Because they keep failing their drug tests, letting Satan drive the kid around, etc... She has SUPERVISED visitation, and has to pay to see her 6 year old son! (at least that kid is safe though)
  • I am thinking about starting a Catering Business... That is one thing I can do right, COOK!!
Can someone please tell me how/why someone can get by with everything and never suffer any consequences for their actions? Meanwhile I live a normal, drug free, crime free life and I have nothing to show for it??? People tell me all the time that Satan will eventually fall on his face and get caught, but I don't think so, I have watched him sail through life too long. He even had a PREACHER come to court to testify on his behalf. He has them all bamboozled!!!

P.S. I am still reading all of your blogs, my comments are sparse these days though:) I am hoping to get back in the circuit soon:)


  1. Glad for the update, Was beginning to worry. Our similar sitautions make what to scream for thr lack good ol buy bs. My Judge is just as bad, He winked am during court last time cos I;m the little lady, Well help the little lady out then instead of askctg like all u r buddies who'll sharing drinks over this shit. I;m totally getting ripped off on all fronts. My ex got the sleaziest criminal law atty snd were workinhg things out b4 we seperated. i truly hd no idea how bad he would screw me

  2. Woohoo on the catering business... Don't think about it... Start it!

  3. Sounds like you have been busy. Thank god your kids have you. Sorry about all of the crap you are dealing with.

  4. I'm glad you're back! I've been thinking about you.

  5. Glad you are back!! Is there anyway you could talk to his parents...they seem like good people letting you rent from them.


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