Friday, November 5, 2010

I have been "SPOILING" my kids

Do you think kids can be spoiled too much? I think so, especially when I see other people's kids who have everything they want, and so many clothes that half of them will never be worn. A great example was when my sister passed down some clothes from her daughter to mine. There is a big age gap (5 years I think), so I just recently dove into the box that I had tucked away in the closet. It was full of size 4 girl clothes. There were over 25 pairs of jeans! All I could think was, "why would a 4 year old need that many clothes?"
I ended up keeping a few of the jeans and donating the rest because I just didn't have enough space to house all that, and with all of the other clothes she has, there was no need to keep more.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.... Lately I have been "spoiling" my kids a little. Both nights that I came home from school this week, I came home with bags of clothes/shoes I had bought them (while wondering around in between classes). They were so excited, wanting to try the stuff on right then. They begged me to get them out of bed (which I did), then they paraded around in their new rainboots, and new clothes. It was cute.

I guess I feel bad in one way because I am spending money on them (money which I could be saving or paying a bill with), but on the other hand, it feels really good to see their little faces light up when they are pulling the tags off of their new stuff:)

What do you think???

P.S. My baby girl won a costume contest at another blog!!!!! I am so proud, LOL.


  1. You're being a wonderful mom... That's what I think.

  2. I think as long as it's not one of those "I'm going to buy them stuff every day and then they'll expect it" it's fine. When they start to expect it, that's when you may want to reevaluate :)

  3. Everyone deserves to be spoiled every once in a while.


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