Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just me and my babies......

Today after my morning class I took the little people to the creek.
It was no more than ankle deep (maybe knee deep to them in spots).
We walked around, and chatted with another mother who was there with 6 or 7 kids with her (all under 4). They weren't all hers though, I guess she is a glutton for punishment and "wanted" to spend the day with a bunch of toddlers, ROFL.... (funny thing, I didn't hear a CRY from any of those kids, and when she told them to do something, you know what? they did it!)
Some days I wish I could be more like that mother and actually love doing things with my kids all the time..... but I am who I am..... I can work on it, but this is just me...... and we have our "moments," even if hey are sparse......

Anycreek..... While we were there, my little Miss Priss LOVED it. She splashed around, asked 1000 questions, sat down in the water, wanted to play with the other little kids, etc.
Mr. Bubby HATED it. He whined that he wanted to go back to the car, he didn't like the "watah," and because he heard a clap of thunder, he then said, "I don't rike the stormin." I swear he wimpered and moaned and tugged on me..... But I just kept going, trying to encourage him to come out of his little bubble and do something new, and actually like it. He finally lightened up when the other mother came up to us and showed him how to throw rocks (who'd have ever thought? not me that is for sure, I am too uptight). He took up with her and her kids (even SHARED rocks with another child and LIKED it) and didn't complain anymore.

After about an hour it did start lightening/raining and we had to go..........The rain suddenly started pouring before we could get back to the car......My kids, instead of running to the car, wanted to stop and cry about it raining, ROFLMAO (it was kind of cute though). We finally made it and they dove head first into the back seat........ It was so cute looking back at their little animated faces as they soaked in the rain, and the "adventure" we just had. PRICELESS! At that point I wished I had pics but couldn't take any because I had 2 little hands to hold. The.whole.time.

The drive home was uneventful and Miss Priss fell asleep for like 2 minutes (only to wake straight up when we pulled in the driveway, lol)...... But they must have enjoyed the fresh air because they went to bed tonight very easy... no whining or crying or begging to stay up longer, they just layed down (after hugs and kisses) and went off to sleep.



  1. Sounds like fun. Even the rain.

  2. That sounds like a very exciting fun filled day!! Way to go Mama Gayle!!


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