Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have you ever been to a murder trial?

I have... My Ex's niece was killed in the county park... She was 18 and had her whole life ahead of her.... She went to the park to meet up with her on again, off again boyfriend.... She wanted to show him pictures of the baby she was carrying, his baby.... She was 5 months pregnant. And as she sat there with her legged crossed and the pictures scattered across her lap and the motor of her car still humming, when her father and brother found her DEAD! Turns out they got worried when she hadn't come home when she was supposed to, and she wouldn't answer her cell phone which was unusual for her. She had told her Mom her plans, which led them directly to her..... Isn't that a lucky, yet weird coincidence?


Turns out her and her boyfriend were in some kind of "love triangle." He was dating her and another girl, and the other girl was jealous, especially now knowing that she was pregnant with his baby. In my mind, I picture the new girlfriend guilting the boyfriend into knocking off the "baby mama" in some sort of "prove that you love me" type of move......

The story posed in the trial was this.... The bf, his new gf, and her brother drove to the park in the brothers truck (I guess it was less recognizable).... The bf got out around the corner and casually walked up to the window and put 5 bullets in his "baby mama," I am thinking it was in her neck and abdomen.... It is pretty easy for me to believe it was him because of the girl's relaxed posture... they way she was so casually sitting with her legs crossed and her window down, pictures in her lap.... Anyone that had been alarmed by an enemy or a stranger would have had a defensive reaction and jumped up straight...... Also, there were videos of this guy all over town.... He made it a point to go everywhere in town that he knew had a camera!! First he stopped at an ATM (stupid move buddy, since you had already gone to this same ATM earlier to get money out, why would you need more?), then he was seen at Wal-Mart, and I swear he was MUGGING at the camera. In the video you can see him actually turn his face and body and point himself directly in plain view of the camera's angle (turns out he had a friend that worked their that knew exactly where he should stand). There were witnesses that saw him running out of the park... and witnesses that had seen the vehicle waiting on him.

He got convicted for murder, and the girl's parents fought for a new law that made it possible to try a person for a DOUBLE murder if the woman is pregnant at the time, so they will be held accountable for the death of a baby. His GF also got convicted for being an accomplice (she now says she wishes she never met him.....well hello, you went with him to do it, it is your own fault!!! STUPID). And finally his GF's brother was also charged since he had provided the murder weapon (gun).
A few years ago, his conviction was overturned because a witness (another prisoner he had confessed to) was deemed unreliable, or persuaded to testify against him.... this guy said that the BF told him he was kinda sorry he had to kill his own baby, but it just happened that way......
He was convicted again, lucky for him, I think the girl's father may have killed him, if ever he had run into him on the street, seriously.

It is horrible to sit through a trial like that.... They show pictures of the victim after they have been brutally murdered, it is hard to see..... she had burns on her legs where the heater was running in her car all those hours, and then there was pictures of the tinest baby you would ever see (fully developed, but way to young to survive, he (the baby) must have slowly died as his mother did (no bullets hit him)..... There is so much anguish from the family, I could hear them GASP and MOAN when a picture would flash on the screen, it was just HORRIBLE.... That was there baby, no matter how old she was, they probably still saw her as their baby (she was the youngest too). Gosh, I can't even imagine how I would feel if something ever happened to one of my kids, I may throw myself in the hole with them.....

My Ex had to testify, although I missed it, I bet he looked like a big dumb ass anyway (he was good at that)!

What is the most horrible crime you have ever been witness to, or been directly involved in?


  1. This is such a horrible story!! My cousin was murdered by his wife. Knifed to death...first blow was in his sleep. She got 10 years. Can you believe it!!!! there was no trial....they plea bargined. Long story!

  2. I was on a fire dept ride a long and was first on scene to a murder. They made me call time of death. We were trying to figure out what the cause was when we discovered that her neck had been slit. Her young grand daughter was the one who found her adn when we left the scene, her son was sceaming and crying that it was her boyfriend and he was going to kill him.
    It was a hard thing to see!


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