Thursday, May 13, 2010


Not sure why I am going so long in between posts now that I have internet access. Maybe it is the fact that I have been trying to study for my final exams, who knows. I just can't seem to find enough time in the day. Either way, I feel like a slacker. I am going to try and post more (for my own sake).

I have been seeing some other people tell "fact" about themselves on their posts, so I thought I would give it a try too.

* I am currently making a book of my kids online called "Double Trouble 2009 Edition." It will have pics of them from last year

* I am currently in school (college)

* I expect to make an "A" in all 4 classes

* I am VERY socially backward. My face can go from white to red in about 5 seconds (sometimes I don't even know it is coming) especially when I am caught off guard

* I used to be afraid to go to the grocery store... When I did go it would be after midnight

* I had a horrible relationship with my mother.

* My Dad left my Mom so many times I can't count them. When I was older (10+) I had to go with him when he left

* When I was in 5th grade I changed schools (went for 2 weeks) then went back to the original school because Mom & Dad got back together

* One night me & my Dad slept in the car

* I have 2 babies

* Sometimes I don't want to be a mother (at all)

* Sometimes I love my kids so much I could cry

* I drive an 04' trailblazer that is PAID FOR (thanks Satan)

* I am still married, but have been apart from my husband since 12/08

* The EX (Satan) is hooked on Oxycontin (pain medication) and flys to Florida on a regular basis to get it

* The EX missed 4 out of 8 visits with the babies last month

* I met with him today at lunch time

* I still love him so much (I know, stupid, stupid, stupid)

* I used to run from across the room and jump in his arms....I would say catch me, and he would throw his arms out

* I lost over 220 pounds (I know you already know this)

* I believe in GOD!

* I have a boyfriend who loves me more than he loves anything else in the world

* The BF loves my kids (maybe more than their real father does)

* I can drive a standard, I can drive a tractor

* I can cut and bale hay

* I can pull 2, 20 ft. wagons (hooked to a truck) through an 8 ft. gate opening without wiping out the fence post (this is very tricky in case you don't know)

* I can type 90+ words per minute

* I used to have an office job

* I can't swim

* I am terrified of heights

* I live in a town called Pleasureville

* Both of my kids were named after famous people, and have last names as first names (one rock and roll singer, one tv charachter)

* I wanted to name Bubby, Cash, Jagger, or Grayson but Satan wouldn't let me, he picked his name

* Both of my babies came early (35 & 34 weeks to the day each time)

* Both of my babies had the same due date, one year apart (November 16th)

* I get sick if I eat breakfast. I do most of my eating at night

* I love reading people's blogs, it gives me insight into how the rest of the world is

* I could go on and on with these but I'll stop here

Good Night..........Until next time..........

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  1. I am still giggling about the tractor driving part... because that totally rocks!

    And by the way - congratulations on that amazing transformation and your 2 beautiful kiddos :)


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