Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An impromtu photo shoot of yours truly......warning graphic images, LOL!!

For the record, I HATE dressing up or wearing make-up! I would rather just roll out of bed, jump in the shower, throw some gel in my hair, blow dry, and GO..... I have my morning routine down to less than 20 minutes!!

Anyway, the other day when I went to drop the kiddos off, I decided to get all dolled up to show Satan what he is missing out on (I caught him checking me out from the corner of his eye, but he didn't say a word!). You can't expect much from a PIG anyhow. Usually it is on my worst day he notices, WTF?  

When I got home I was wanting to capture my better side by letting the BF takes some pics of me.

Backstory: I used to be extremely overweight (lost over 220 pounds) and to this day I still struggle with my body image. I constantly call myself FAT, UGLY, and think I am positively DISGUSTING, most days. But on this particular day, I posed for the camera and was actually please with some of the pictures.

Allow me to share......

And for good measure I will throw in a few of the fam.....

Bubba J

Ms Priss

    Mr Wonderful

P.S. I am so happy with this new internet connection! It lets me do everything! Now it is a breeze to add pictures, watch videos, and facebook to my hearts content!!

Thanks for reading! I will be making my rounds to visit and comment soon. (I have been reading though)


  1. The kids are cute, Mr. Wonderful is handsome and you? HAWT!

  2. You look fantastic Lady! Good for you!

  3. You look great and what a huge deal 220lbs is. That my friend is something to be extreemly proud of!!!!!

  4. You should be very proud of yourself!! You look great!!

  5. You're one hot momma! And 220 pounds? I bow down to you. I'm currently struggling with a lousy 20.


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