Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Second Day of School....

Well classes today were a little different.....the teachers kept us longer, talked more, expected more out of us LOL!  I wish I could trade my classes so the afternoon ones would get out earlier.....I don't care if the morning classes go long since I am going to be there all day anyway. It figures that I would have a short morning class/long afternoon class!!!!

It is all good though, I am excited about it (hope that doesn't wear off) and it still seems manageable. BUT I still have no idea what this degree will set me up for job/career wise.....I have asked every teacher, career services, student services, financial planning, one can really tell me where I will be when I have a piece of paper telling me I have a degree in Business. They just say there are TONS of opportunities for me.....but what, where, when, how?????

That same guy from my morning class yesterday is in my Tuesday morning class as well......YAY FOR ME! Ok totally sarcastic there....I can't believe I have to listen to this freak so early in the morning, on both days I have to be at school. Today he continued to stun me with his stellar communication skills.

Example: We were discussing Toyota and their recalls/problems on some of their vehicles and here is what he said.......

"Man they crazy cuz, they inchin' and pinchin,' tryin' to make it seem like they doin us a favor by fixin' our rides"

I have no idea what that sentence he said means! Is it just me???

Oh I almost forgot....I ran into another "interesting" guy today while I was sitting in the break room eating my lunch. The guy busts in and starts talking (loudly) to another student.....I can't help but hear coversation.
He says he has been on 7 talk shows....I caught Jenny Jones, Maury (x2 or 3) then I got lost.....He said he had made a total of 30 television appearances......And he was PROUD of it. He then said it didn't matter if it was good or bad was all publicity, and it was all GOOD!

Wow......I bet I saw him on Maury though, LMAO, I don't remember, was he or wasn't he the baby daddy?


  1. If I were the teacher I would emphasize communication as the key to successful business and spend a few classes teaching world English. But then English has always been my forte'

  2. As you get along in your program, you'll find classes that interest you more than others. Those classes will help to point you in the right direction professionally. For example, if you really love your Human Resources classes, but hate Accounting, where do you think you'll be happiest in a business? "Business" is such a broad category and encompasses so much that it's no wonder you're feeling lost and that no one can tell you where/what you'll be doing. It will get more clear as you progress - I promise!

  3. Savage.....I agree! I hate it when people can't even speak without all the slang. I am sure I do it too (of course not like the example), but I know in what setting it is acceptable.

    GunDiva.....thanks for the encouragement! It really helps! Really what you said makes more sense than what anyone at the college has tole me!!

  4. ...and that would be why I'm Assoc Dean :)


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