Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poop Story.......Part 2

OK, Here is another story that happened recently that has to do with......well......poop!

The other night as I was putting baby girl to bed I smelled something funny...For the record, me and smells do not get along, I have a VERY sensitive sniffer.....just ask anyone I know, I am a freak that way!

I started investigating the smell that was looming around baby girl....was it her hair? her pj's? her blankets? the carpet? Her cup? was her cup that had the offensive odor on the outside of it (I knew the juice was fresh). So I started to wonder WTF had made her cup I smelled her hands..... WOWSER! The little baby hands about gagged me! But why did her hands smell so bad??

So I start checking around looking for something....anything in her her diaper.....then I found IT! She had a big GLOB OF SHIT right there on the outside of her wrist......Of course I start screaming....  How did you get poooooooooooooop on you? Where is the poooooooop? Why does your hand have pooooooop on it?  Then I spin around on BF and start questioning him....... Where the F*ck did she get shit on her hand? Why weren't you watching her? FIIIIIIIIND IT!

Poor guy gets so tore up......he is so calm/quiet/non confrontational..... he just starts going from room to room searching for the offender....."the poop."

I tell baby girl.......don't move.......don't touch anything......stay right here until I get back!!! So I run into the kitchen, get a rag.....while I am in the kitchen, I see that there is a glob of shit on the side of the trash can....on the trash bag.....I have no idea how it got there, who or what it was long it has been freaking idea..... I figured when baby girl went to throw her brownie paper away....she got "the poop" on her hand, then transferred it to the cup.....etc.

Anyway, I wet & soap up the rag.....go back into the babies room and there is baby girl.....laying in her bed in the exact same spot I left her.....with her arm stuck straight up in the air.....poor thing was afraid to budge! GOOD GIRL!! Funny, that is the first time she has ever listened to me....guess she was as traumatized as I was!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

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  1. Poor kid. Bet she was afraid to move for a good long time :)


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