Monday, March 8, 2010

School Started Today......

I went to my first 2 classes today......I have a total of 4......

Thankfully, I was able to get my schedule to work in my favor. I have 2 classes each day, so I only have to go 2 days a week this term (Monday & Tuesday). So now, I will still have the rest of the week to get other things done:) Hopefully doing it this way I will be able to save on gas money (since school is about an hour away).

The professors seem nice and they are pretty laid back.....I think if I show up I should be able to pass!

My classes are:

-Accounting II

I have 12 credit hours from before, I have already taken Accounting I.....but it was 12 years ago, so I wonder how hard it will be to jump into Accounting II after so long???? I am sure it will be fine (ok, well maybe).....and thankfully this class is small maybe 6-10 people, so it should be easy to get some extra help if I need it, and there is tutoring that I can take advantage of.

I can already tell these classes are going to be interesting.....especially Monday mornings. There are several "lively" males in there that have an opinion about everything!

Here is what one of them said when the teacher asked what degree/program we are taking, and why we chose it.....

Student: My name is ...... ........, I am in Business cause I want to run my own company. I have family members that own businesses so I can get a job no problem, but I ain't fit to work for nobody cuz, know what I'm sayin'? I am tired of doin' all the work and makin' the chips. If I do all the work I wanna be makin' the bulk, you know what I'm sayin cuz?

Teacher: So you want to be in control of all the money if you do all the work, and you need a degree to help you develop your business?

Student: Well, I am probably a better hustler than you, but I gotta get that paper to get me on the same playin' field as you cuz, know what I am sayin'? I could start a business today cuz, but it be better with the degree, then I be makin' the bulk.

I wish you could have seen the teacher's face as he tried to keep up. It was pretty funny. I am amazed at how some people think that having a business degree will automatically give them the opportunity to create a company and make millions of dollars. Of course that is very ambitious, but is it realistic? It seems to me that it is harder than these outspoken students think it is to own/operate their own enterprise.

I am thinking about switching next term into an Accounting major instead of business. I think I might like it, but I am not sure.....Sometimes me and "numbers" don't agree too well. I am going to wait and see how my Accounting II class goes. If it is easy to understand I might try and get deeper into it. Right now I am trying to get my "feet wet" and decide which field of study will interest me more/give me more opportunities.

What do you think? Business Management or Accounting? There is double the number of students in business vs. accounting.


  1. Congrats on starting school! I'm proud of you.

  2. I am really glad to see you started school! Accounting sounds like the better option from my point of view. I have a business degree and its still really hard to get a good paying job, unless you want to work in retail. Hate. :(

  3. Good job on bettering yourself! I am very impressed.


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