Friday, April 9, 2010

How we met......While I have access to a computer!!

Hey bloggy people!!!! I borrowed my sisters computer, so I thought I would write a post while I can. It has been pretty boring around here. I am going to school faithfully, haven't missed a day!! I took a few tests for midterms and feel like I am doing pretty good. (Algebra SUCKS!)...

I thought I would tell my story of "how I met the new guy." I was inspired by Ian's blog. He is writing a series of posts about how he met his wife, they start here (part 1). If you don't follow his blog already, DO IT, he is super funny. Actually what attracted me to keep reading his blog is when he posted about someone pooping out of the second story window, after that, I was hooked.....

Go ahead, check it out.

Now on to my story. How I met my new guy.

I had just cut the ties with Satan (obviously he is the evil ex, father of my toddlers who cheated on me, then left me high and dry with nothing). I was trying to get on with my life, but it had been merely weeks since he actually left, and I was still LOST to say the least. I had a 26 month old and an almost 15 month old, I had no job, no money, and no life. But I had decided that on this day, January 16, 2009 I was getting out of bed and going to town.

I headed to Wal-Mart. (after running into Satan on my way). I went inside and did my shopping, being intensionally slow to kill some time, besides, I had nothing to do, and the rest of my life to do it. Thank God, my mom knew I was dying on the inside and she took the babies often.
It was coming on noon and I had looked at everything in the store and had my cart spilling over, it was time to go. I went through the line and put my items on the conveyor belt, the checker (unaware of my angst I'm sure, unless I told her, which I was apt to do in those early days, cause it hurt so bad, I wanted someone to tell me how awful he was and make me feel better) scanned my stuff then looked at me. OOPS, being the dumb-ass that I am, I forgot my wallet, OUTSIDE. So here we go, mad dash to the ole' trail blazer to get the check book. 

As I was getting the funds, I looked up and saw a white truck pull up in front of me. IT WAS HIM! I had heard of this guy before, long story short, he dated a woman who my husband cheated on me with months earlier. A golden opportunity presented itself to me! I could hook up with this man and make not only my EX jealous, but I could f*ck over the evil bitch who he was cheating with too! Wow! What a great concept!!!! I stood there dumb-struck and stared in disbelief.....What do I do now? I am too shy/backward/stupid in "real-life" to actually approach someone. I have always been this way. So I was frazzled, and walked slowly back into the store (almost running into the jeep next to me because I kept looking back at him).

I paid for my stuff, took the giant cart outside and unloaded my groceries. HE came out at the same time and put some dog-food in his truck. I just sat there and stared (again).

What happened next was shear fate. He went back in the store. I new I had to move fast. I found a notebook, wrote my digits down and tip-toed over to put the note under his windshield wiper. I found out later that he was watching me the whole time! And he still laughs about it!

As fate would have it, he got the wrong change in the store which is why he had to go back in.

Anynewguy, He called me before I got out of the parking lot, I asked him if he was seeing anyone, he said no, then I asked if he wanted to go out some time, and he said "How about tomorrow night?" And the rest is history. I called him back later, we talked on the phone all night, and we have been together every day since then. He stepped in, right where Satan stepped out. He takes better care of my kids than the EX ever did, and he is with them way more (their real daddy sees them twice a week, basically for a few hours, never on a weekend, and he cancels out on them regularly).

I guess I needed him to take care of us. He has provided for us when we had nothing. He has watched my kids when I couldn't find the strength to get out of bed (when the hurt and depression consumed me). And he stood back and gave me time to heal, never rushing me, or pushing me.

WHAT A GUY! Instead of asking God why I had to endure a divorce and so much pain, I need to start thanking him for blessing me with a wonderful man who loves ALL THREE OF US!


  1. Linked you up....can't wait to read this!

  2. Great story! Sounds like a great guy!

  3. I am over here from Ian's blog. Such a great story! It is amazing how things just work out!

  4. Awesome. Stories like this always make me smile....

  5. He sounds like an awesome guy!! Giving you time was so important. Sounds like you were friends first!!


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